Where’s My Refund? Tax Return Delays Plague H&R Block Customers After Form Error

The Where’s My Refund app on the IRS’ official web page is supposed to give taxpayers an idea of when to expect their tax refund, but significant delays this tax season (particularly for H&R Block customers) have been a blight on many already-strapped Americans waiting eagerly for their funds to arrive.

Most users can get a straight answer using Where’s My Refund, but many are finding a tax return delay with little or no information on how long the IRS will hold their anticipated tax refund. And now an H&R Block software glitch has caused more than half a million Americans another lengthy delay in refund processing, one that is more likely if you filed earlier than February 22.

Earlier on The Inquisitr, we covered the 4883C letter and subsequent lengthy delay in tax refund for many taxpayers. Another issue that is causing a delay in refund in 2013 is due to the H&R Block software, and a glitch that prevented forms from being filled out correctly.

MarketWatch covered the IRS refund delay plaguing hundreds of thousands of Americans, to whom the Where’s My Refund app has been no help. The finance site explains that H&R Block “confirmed that its software failed to fill out a mandatory field on Form 8863, which is used to claim educational credits,” and that the “IRS would not say what percentage of the roughly 600,000 faulty returns came from H&R Block.

The site also notes that H&R Block t”received thousands of complaints on its Facebook page and on Twitter,” and that an “Internet search did not yield similar complaints against other tax preparers.”


Like the issue that sparked the 4883C letter, the glitch causing the H&R Block related delay is affecting about 10 percent of users who filled out Form 8863, which pertains to educational credits. Both the IRS and H&R Block are vague about how long a tax refund delay in 2013 will be, but it seems that “at least six weeks” is the standard waiting time cited for taxpayers affected.

Are you one of the many Americans affected by an IRS tax refund delay in 2013?