‘American Horror Story’: Season 9 Will Only Have Nine Episodes

'AHS 1984' is expected to conclude on November 13 after only nine episodes.

Billie Lourd stars as Montana Duke, as seen in FX's 'American Horror Story 1984'

'AHS 1984' is expected to conclude on November 13 after only nine episodes.

For fans who are getting into the 1980s-themed season of American Horror Story will be disappointed to learn that there are only four episodes left for Season 9.

SPOILER ALERT: This article discusses Season 9 of FX’s American Horror Story. Please proceed with caution if you have not yet viewed all available episodes and wish to avoid spoilers.

The theme of the latest season of American Horror Story has been the 1980s. Each episode has played out using the classic horror tropes of the era. Overall, viewers have been loving this season, compared to the last few seasons that have gotten somewhat mixed reviews among fans. However, according to TV Guide, this season of American Horror Story, also referred to as AHS 1984, will be the shortest season yet with only nine episodes to air.

The first five seasons of American Horror Story averaged 11 or 12 episodes per season. Then, Season 6 (AHS Roanoke) dropped to 10 episodes. The series picked up again in Season 7 (AHS Cult) with 11 episodes and then dropped once more to 10 with AHS Apocalypse. Many viewers were expecting 10 episodes again for AHS 1984, but TV Guide has confirmed via their schedule that this season will conclude on Wednesday, November 13, with only nine episodes.

Cody Fern stars as Xavier Plympton, as seen in Season 9 of FX's 'American Horror Story'

While the lack of episodes may be disappointing, it might also be considered by some as a blessing since American Horror Story can, at times, bloat out with extraneous episodes not really required to move the story along. AHS 1984, by comparison, has been compact with its storyline, and viewers appear to be lapping it up as a result, although, a twist at the end of Episode 5 saw a purgatory-type situation arise. As a result of this, it appears that the remaining four episodes of AHS could see a change in the storyline from the current slasher theme.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, while this season of American Horror Story may be considered a stand-alone season, there may be a crossover in the upcoming episode that could link this season back to previous ones. Titled “Episode 100,” this episode will actually be the 100th episode for American Horror Story in its entirety. However, it is the trailer that has gotten fans wondering if AHS 1984 will actually show more crossover with other seasons than expected as the clip opens with flashbacks to previous seasons.

You can view the trailer for Episode 6 of American Horror Story below.

Season 9 of American Horror Story will return to FX on Wednesday, October 23, at 10 p.m. EDT. AHS has also been renewed for a 10th season.