Cosplay Model Liz Katz Puts On Busty Display In Cartoon-Like Snap, Wants To Know If She Is ‘Hot’ Or ‘Crazy’

Liz Katz snaps a close-up selfie.
Liz Katz / Instagram

Liz Katz is, by her own admittance, in a full-on “psycho” mood ahead of the weekend, according to her most recent Instagram update. On Friday, the cosplay model took to the popular social media platform to share a sweltering snapshot edited to resemble a cartoon in which she flaunts her busty figure, and her fans are dying for it.

In the post, Katz is holding the camera in front of her as she snaps a selfie. The photo has been altered to add some drawings on her chest, collarbone arms, and other parts of her torso and face, which makes the photo look like a cartoon or a game. The Instagram sensation is rocking a white tank top with a low-cut neckline that dips into her chest, putting her buxom physique front and center. On the bottom of the photo, a glimpse of her stomach indicates that her tank is a crop top.

Katz is wearing her blonde hair down as it falls onto her shoulders. The bombshell used this opportunity to ask her fans where she lands on the hot/crazy scale. They wasted no time in sharing their thoughts with the cosplayer.

“Your [sic] hot because you are crazy [winky emoji] who wants to live a normal life,” one user shared, trailing the words with a smiling face with horns and a heart eyes emoji.

“Will id [sic] have to say you come in at the top of both. Crazy in the very best way, and as hot as the sun,” said another fan.

“Hazy! That’s hot with just a dash of crazy,” a third fan chimed in.

Since going live, the post — which Katz shared with her 904,000 Instagram followers — has garnered more than 17,500 likes. The short amount of time also brought in upwards of 420 comments on the photo, proving to be an immediate hit with her fans.

In an interview with Impulse Gamer, Katz shared that she was drawn to cosplay because she had always liked to dress up and play pretend. She also opened up about the occasional criticism sexy gamers get, addressing a specific controversy from 2014 about sexy gamers streaming on Twitch.

“The mindset of the general public is illogical. Violence is given the thumbs up but a pretty lady in lingerie or a bikini is considered frowned upon by the same people who approve violence in entertainment. Personally I don’t give a flying (you know what) about things other people consider acceptable or not,” she said.

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