‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer Claps Back After Fans Accuser Her Of Photoshopping Swimsuit Photo

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Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer doesn’t need to Photoshop to look great, and the MTV alum wants her fans to know it.

Messer shared a throwback picture on Instagram this week of the Costa Rica vacation she took with her sister Victoria. The rare photo of the two sisters was mostly a big hit with fans, but also prompted some allegations that she edited the pictures to look more flattering to herself. Some believed they spotted evidence that the photo had been edited to make it more flattering to the reality television star.

As InTouch Weekly noted, Messer shut down the speculation pretty quickly, pushing back against the suggestion and calling fans “rude” for claiming that she was altering her photos.

“After being blatantly called out by one of her followers for editing her pics, the MTV alum fired back in the comment section. Leah called the speculation ‘rude’ and assured everyone that she doesn’t need to alter anything,” the report noted. “Leah’s latest portrait was from her fun-filled getaway to Costa Rica and luckily, it looks like she’s not letting the nay-sayers dull her shine.”

Messer is not the only Teen Mom star to face accusations of using Photoshop to make herself look better for the Instagram followers. Back in March, Farrah Abraham came under fire after posting a fully nude picture to her Instagram page, one where the reality television figure turned adult film star covered herself up with a laptop and a cupcake.

Fans believed they saw something else in the racy photo, however — evidence of a hastily done Photoshop job. As The Hollywood Gossip noted, a few fans pointed out that it appeared Abraham accidentally erased her belly button in the heavily produced shot.

“They totally blurred out your whole stomach and you look like you have no belly button,” one person commented.

Another advised Abraham to fire her editor for the hack job in the photo.

Messer has come under scrutiny from Teen Mom fans in the past as well. When Messer confirmed that her younger sister was pregnant with her third child — an unplanned pregnancy after Victoria met the father during her Costa Rica vacation — many fans offered words of support and celebrated the addition, but some took a more critical view, attacking what they saw as poor decision-making from the family.

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I was going to post this yesterday but I’m posting today instead.... Sometimes it takes your breakdown to create your breakthrough.???? Sis clearly had way too much fun in Costa Rica. ???? I’m always going to be here for guidance through the good and bad! We may have been dealt a shitty hand in life but that’s okay. Our mistakes and past only elevate us to greater when we choose to be better every day!! I’m so excited to see you continue to evolve from here. Everything is meant to happen for a reason, believe that! I’m happy for you and I know it’s only growth from here baby sis! ???? I love you @victoriaaa233 ???????? P.S I'm stoked to be an Auntie again. We need a baby boy this time!

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The controversy doesn’t appear to be dying down anytime soon. Leah Messer’s Instagram pictures are still filled with critical comments of her sister’s pregnancy.