‘Playboy’ Model Rachel Cook Smolders In New Photo That Shows Off Cleavage And Lacy Bra

Ethan MillerGetty Images

Rachel Cook has likely set several hearts aflutter with her new post on Instagram.

In the post, the Playboy model was striking a seductive pose as she rocked a lacy black bra that was peeking out of the neckline of a short burgundy dress with spaghetti straps. Rachel’s deep brown hair had been swept to one side of her face, accentuating the entrancing stare that she was sending to the camera — and thereby, to the viewers of the photo.

In the comment section of the social media post, Rachel’s followers confirmed that she had definitely caught their attention. In her caption, she asked them what they knew for sure. Many responded to the question but they made their answers all about her.

“Firstly you are my crush…and second your eyes make me get lost in it,” one person wrote.

“We know for sure that you a simply stunning,” another added.

“You are a goddess. That’s for sure,” a third fan commented.

“I know for sure that you are beautiful,” a fourth gushed.

Rachel routinely posts stunning photos of herself on Instagram, so it’s likely that she’s seen comments like these before. As The Inquisitr reported, she received similar compliments of adoration when she posted a photo of herself in a polka-dot bikini that showed off her pert posterior. The photo has earned close to 150,000 likes and more than 1,300 comments.

As Maxim Magazine notes, Rachel, who hails from a town near Seattle, grew her following on Instagram thanks to beautiful photos that include herself posing against backgrounds of idyllic landscapes. This is the way she still represents herself on her page as seen in a photo from September in which she was looking out at a scenic mountain view.

“This summer, I got to spend so much time in nature and in wonderment of this planet! I feel like that’s one of the best things we can do for ourselves. So good!! Make exploring a priority! ” she wrote in the caption.

Traveling is clearly something that is important to her. She told Maxim that exploring different destinations is what she loves most about being a model. And for all the guys dreaming of dating Rachel, she also said that her ideal date must include nature. She likes to go out with men at a place in which she does not need to primp. In other words, a dinner date at a fancy restaurant probably would not be the best way to capture her heart.

“Take me on your favorite hike or to see something beautiful in nature,” she said.

Rachel also revealed that she likes a man with a sense of humor.

For more of her gorgeous photos, be sure to follow Rachel Cook on her Instagram page.