Donald Trump ‘Not In Control Of Himself,’ GOP Source Says, But He Still Controls Nuclear Arsenal, Expert Warns

Tom PenningtonGetty Images

After a dramatic meeting on Wednesday at the White House between Donald Trump and top Democrats, top Republicans were left “shell-shocked” and “shaken” by Trump’s behavior. Reportedly, the meeting ended with what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called a “serious meltdown” by Trump when she told him, “All roads with you lead to Putin.”

That claim comes from a top Republican source who spoke to the cable news outlet CNN, going on to reveal that based on what Republicans saw of Trump in his confrontation with Pelosi, “He is not in control of himself. It is all yelling and screaming.”

In a later interview, as seen below, CNN reporter Jamie Gangel, who spoke to the unnamed GOP insider, went further, saying that her source told her that one Republican used the word “sickened” to describe his reaction to Trump’s conduct. Another source told Gangel that Trump’s mental state was “100 percent” growing worse, and that Republicans are worried about his “stability.”

The meeting on Wednesday occurred the same day that a bizarre letter from Trump to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was leaked to Fox Business network, which was met with widespread ridicule, as The Inquisitr reported.

In the letter, Trump warned Erdoğan, “Don’t be a fool!” and signed off by writing, “I will call you later.” He also threatened to “destroy” the Turkish economy in the letter.

Trump’s behavior has raised alarm throughout political circles, with one Princeton University expert issuing a dark warning this week — despite the worries about his “stability,” Trump still has America’s nuclear arsenal at his disposal.

“Just think everyone. Trump has absolute control of our nuclear arsenal,” wrote Princeton Woodrow Wilson School Professor Steven Strauss, via his Twitter account. “What could possibly go wrong?”

A Brookings Institute report published during the 2016 presidential campaign contained a similar warning about a potential “mentally ill” president. According to the Brookings analysis, any president can launch nuclear weapons, and no one can stop him or her from doing so.

“The president of the United States can, in theory, launch nuclear war by personal decision — without any checks or balances,” wrote Brookings Institute Senior Fellow Michael E. O’Hanlon. “Can we really trust the future of the human race to the continued steady decisionmaking of single individuals who have the power to kill tens or hundreds of millions, based on a single unchallenged edict?”

O’Hanlon went on to write that Trump’s candidacy helped to “illustrate” the problem of unchecked presidential power over the nuclear arsenal, in the event that a “psychotic, schizophrenic, or otherwise unbalanced leader” were to somehow gain the presidency. But in 2016, O’Hanlon said that Trump was “likely not such a person.”