Ex-Soldier Kindly Myers Busts Out Of Unzipped Swimsuit With A Semi-Automatic: ‘Tactical Friday’

Kindly MyersGetty Images

Kindly Myers seems to be embracing her military past. The model and social media sensation is an ex-soldier, although Kindly’s career now solidly seems focused on being one of Instagram’s sexiest models. The star is fast racking up the followers on account of her sizzling bikini and lingerie displays. Earlier this year, Kindly rolled down her swimsuit on Instagram to offer her fans an extra treat.

Today’s photo from Kindly didn’t lose the swimwear, but it added in a weapon. The photo showed Kindly looking fierce as she posed outdoors in a field. The blonde was seen flaunting her ample assets via an unzipped and long-sleeved black swimsuit, with the materials taking on a metallic feel. Crisscross bands at the bust likely drew the eye to Kindly’s cleavage for her fans, with the star appearing to be rocking a very minimal bra-like item beneath the bathing suit. Kindly also appeared in camouflage pants, with the blonde also seen wearing gloves.

Instagram models may choose designer bags or high heels for their accessories, but not many will brandish a semi-automatic weapon. Kindly appeared to have done just that today as the star was seen holding one confidently in her right hand. Kindly appeared beautifully made up, wearing a full face of makeup, with foundation, warming bronzer, plus smoky eye makeup. The star’s long blond hair is usually seen cascading down her back, although today it was worn up in a bun.

A caption from Kindly mentioned both the weapon and the last day of the working week.

Fan comments quickly poured in.

“Bad a** and super sexy,” one fan wrote.

“I need her on my team” was another comment.

“Yummy, love girls with a gun,” one user told the star.

Kindly doesn’t update her social media too often with reminders of her military past, although the odd snap does give a nod to it. While the model now seems to rock a bit of a California babe look, she hasn’t forgotten her past. The star also chooses to remain living in the South, currently residing in Tennessee.

Speaking to Rambling Beach Cat, Kindly revealed how her time in the army had shaped her.

“Basic training taught me a lot about myself. I learned that I am much stronger than I ever thought I was, both mentally and physically. I also got to shoot many different types of guns and rocket launchers. It was fun and I met some great people,” the star told the media outlet.

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