Zak Bagans Reacts To Holly Madison’s Sexy Clown Halloween Costume

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Holly Madison looks ready to celebrate Halloween in one of her latest Instagram snapshots. However, the former Playboy model let her followers know that her sexy clown-themed photoshoot was missing one thing: Ghost Adventures host Zak Bagans.

On Thursday, Holly took to Instagram to share a photo of herself and her close friend, Angel Porrino, rocking clown costumes. Holly rose to fame as one of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends on the E! reality show Girls Next Door. Angel also appeared alongside Holly on the spin-off series, Holly’s World.

In the snapshot that Holly Madison shared with her 1 million Instagram followers, she was sitting on the ground with her legs spread. She wore a short, dark blue dress featuring a pinstripe pattern and a cutout on the bust that put her cleavage on full display.

Holly was also rocking thigh-high stockings and Converse sneakers. Her face had been painted with clown makeup that included red lines having been drawn vertically across her eyes much like the makeup Pennywise the killer clown wears in the movie, It. In another probable reference to the same film, Holly held three red balloons in one hand.

Angel’s costume included a short blue-and-white dress featuring red pom-pom buttons down the front. She also had on a ruffle collar, black fishnets, and a top hat.

The two women posed for three different photos in their clown costumes, including one taken in front of a carousel with skeleton horses being featured on the ride.

Ghost Adventures host Zak Bagans reacted to the photo with two clown emoji and two red balloon emoji, and Holly Madison responded by sharing her wish that he had posed with her in the creepy picture.

“You are missing from the picture,” Holly wrote.

“The next one,” Zak promised in his reply.

Their back-and-forth inspired a discussion between fans about whether or not Holly and Zak are dating.

“Can I just say if you two are dating that would be amazing,” remarked one of Holly’s followers.

“I think they are really dating,” another wrote.

“Isn’t zak afraid of clowns, that’s how you know he likes her,” a third commented.

Holly Madison and Zak Bagans have not made their rumored relationship Instagram official, but TMZ reported that the pair were dating back in June, four months after Holly’s divorce from Pasquale Rotella was finalized. Insiders told the website that the romance between the 39-year-old E! star and the 42-year-old ghost hunter began shortly after Holly visited Zak’s Haunted Museum in Las Vegas. Since then, the two have kept fans guessing about the status of their relationship with social media exchanges like the one above. Zak also recently responded to a snapshot of Holly rocking a sheer lace gown over a black bodysuit with a jack-o’-lantern emoji and a heart emoji.

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On Instagram, Holly Madison has recently been dressing up. In another post, she’s pictured wearing various costumes designed by Yandy, the lingerie brand that recently created a sexy costume inspired by the Donald Trump impeachment inquiry. The costumes Holly modeled in her ad for the company included a vampire, a jack-o’-lantern, and a psycho doll.