Ashanti Bares Smoking-Hot Cleavage While Ice Skating On Instagram: ‘This Was The Warm Up’

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

Ashanti is living her best life. The singer’s Instagram account is one giant load of fun, although the partying is balanced by some relaxing. Ashanti recently chilled out in a tiny bikini on an ocean swing. The 39-year-old singer, songwriter, and producer took to her Instagram stories overnight, with the footage appearing to showcase how much fun Ashanti can have indoors.

Ice skating is always a good decision. Following it up by bowling is even better.

Ashanti’s videos showed her with friends on the rink. The star was seen preparing to get on the ice, with footage also showing her navigating it with an impressive amount of ease. As to the wardrobe, it seemed to be both a fun and a sexy one. Ashanti was seen in skintight and patterned leggings with bold color palettes, with a dark and plunging strappy top flaunting a hefty amount of cleavage. The star appeared with her long brown hair cascading down her back, with what also appeared to be on-point makeup. That said, given that the video wasn’t all that well lit, it was hard to tell just what kind of cosmetics the singer had applied.

Ashanti was seen encouraging her friends to get on the ice, with some text also accompanying the stories.

“This is just the warm up,” Ashanti wrote.

Ashanti has been making headlines for celebrating her 39th birthday in style. The star rocked an array of glittery looks and bikinis on a yacht — giant water vessels aren’t just for Kylie Jenner.

Ashanti has also been opening up about her career. An interview with Grammy saw the singer speak about the music industry, with a mention made of what it’s like to be a woman in the music world.

“I’m just a huge advocate of women empowerment. Just being a young female in this very male-dominated industry it’s just so hard sometimes to garner that same respect. And still respect yourself and go in and be focused on music and not be distracted by other things going on,” Ashanti said.

The star is not alone in speaking out on the issue, with rapper Chanel West Coast having done the same.

Ashanti also revealed that her nearest and dearest had inspired her.

“My mom has been a huge inspiration to me. It’s weird because I grew up watching her in a business suit, with a briefcase, going to work and it was very different from what I’m doing in my career. So I think the path is just being a very powerful, strong woman going into the workforce,” the star added.

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