Kaley Cuoco Shows Instagram Her Thong From Her Bathroom: ‘So Dramatic, Always’

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Kaley Cuoco recently gave her Instagram followers a lot to look at. The Big Bang Theory actress made a pretty elegant display in a sleeveless black dress and loafers at the Much Love Animal Rescue fundraiser, although it looks like the 33-year-old was also up for showcasing what she wore underneath the dress in a new video posted to the social media site.

Kaley is no stranger to uploading photos that show a little skin, often showcasing some racy outfits on social media. For example, the star recently revealed a see-through shirt underneath a fancy Missoni pantsuit.

As the Daily Mail reports today, Kaley posted the new video to Instagram from her bathroom, in what the newspaper dubbed “the perils of getting ready.” The star appeared to be preparing for her appearance at the animal event, with fans seeing the black dress she wore at the event in the video. The video was a fun one, with Kaley seen on her knees while her hairstylist slid the dress over her, although eyes may well have been on the moment before Kaley found herself clothed. The actress appeared in nothing but a black thong — and it looks like she wasn’t out to hide the lingerie.

“Insta!” Kaley was heard shouting as she looked at the camera just before the dress was slipped onto her.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!” she then screamed.

Kaley did appear to realize that she was rocking a humorous drama queen vibe, though, with text in the story reflecting it.

“So dramatic, always,” the star wrote.

While the video may have been a surprise, Kaley’s attendance at the animal event likely wouldn’t have been for fans that know her well. Kaley is a huge animal lover. She loves all animals, including rabbits, horses, and dogs.

Kaley shot to fame playing the hard-hitting and street-smart Penny character on The Big Bang Theory. The role appeared to render the star a household name virtually overnight, and Kaley’s fame is continuing, despite the popular sitcom having ended.

Speaking to She Knows, Kaley revealed what she’ll miss the most about playing Penny.

“You know, she’s iconic. She’s the best character I’ve ever played. She has every single quality. She’s funny, she’s [silly and] I’m sill [sic], she’s sarcastic,” Kaley said.

“She loves Leonard and she loves these guys and she’s a real girl. You know, we’ve tackled a lot of issues this year. Her even not wanting to have kids and her wanting to be a businesswoman. I don’t think we’ve seen that a lot in television,” the star added.

Fans wishing to see more of Kaley can follow her Instagram. Kaley’s account showcases her career, her marriage, her love of horses, and some racy photos every now and then.