Fitness Model Katelyn Runck Shows Off Insanely Chiseled Abs In See-Through White Lingerie

Katelyn Runck Instagram

Fitness model Katelyn Runck is driving fans wild with her new Instagram post

In the series of photos, Katelyn is rocking some skimpy, sheer white lingerie that does a great job of showcasing her chiseled six-pack. The bra is minuscule and appears ill-equipped to contain Katelyn’s cleavage and the undies don’t offer much coverage either.

Even though it appears to be a lingerie ad, Katelyn’s caption reveals that she’s actually promoting the bunch of red roses that she is balancing on her leg. The flowers are from a company called Dose of Roses. According to their Instagram page, their floral arrangements last up to five years.

It seems that Katelyn’s fans didn’t notice the caption since most of their comments focused on her amazing figure.

“How rich, lovely, sensual, sexy and beautiful woman,” one fan wrote.

“Damn bombshell very sexy,” another added.

“Good morning my sweet princess beautiful,” a third gushed.

“Waking up to a beautiful baby doll,” a fourth commented.

This is hardly the first time that the brunette beauty has gotten these types of comments on her Instagram page. As The Inquisitr reported, Katelyn got the same kind of feedback when she posted a photo of herself wearing a floral bandeau top that showed off her cleavage. The post currently has close to 30,000 likes and more than 1,300 comments.

Yet, fitness is more than just a way for Katelyn to get compliments from strangers online. On her website, she confesses that adopting a health-focused lifestyle helped change her life. She explained what she meant by that statement in an interview with Urbasm.

Katelyn explained that she used to be a runway model and that the pressures of work caused her to develop an eating disorder. She also struggled with addiction.

“I was a hanger for designer clothes and my weight dropped dangerously low maintaining 90 lbs at 5’10”. I ended up hospitalized on numerous accounts due to my health. Something needed to change. I wanted to live,” she said.

Katelyn has revealed this story on her Instagram page as well. There’s a highlight that contains a side-by-side comparison photo of her body at 150 pounds and 95 pounds and the difference is striking.

“Over time I learned to rebuild my metabolism by balancing my diet with macronutrients — proteins, healthy fats, and carbohydrates. Food was my fuel,” she added. “My workouts became more focused and intentional. I embraced yoga and meditation.”

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