Kelly Ripa Shares A Very Dirty Joke About Her Husband, And Fans Are Here For It

Kelly Ripa is known for her witty sense of humor, and she just treated fans to yet another example earlier this week. As reported by US Weekly, the morning co-host was gifted a Mark Consuelos pillow, and she certainly had some thoughts on the matter.

Ripa and Consuelos are known for having one of the best relationships in Hollywood. The two first met on the set of the ABC soap opera All My Children. The two eloped around a year later and are going to soon be celebrating their 24th wedding anniversary this spring. They also share three children together: Michael, Lola, and Joaquin.

The surprise present came from a super fan of the former soap actress, and she posted about the experience on her social media. In the triple-post upload, Ripa, sporting a pretty floral midi dress, jokingly battles for possession of the pillow with the viewer in a sweet and silly pic.

The second upload then features a clip of co-host Ryan Seacrest wanting to get in on the action, grabbing the pillow away from Ripa and snuggling up with it himself, earning himself hearty laughter from the audience.

The last picture shows Ripa alone, clutching her Consuelos picture.

In addition to the fan's own social media update, Ripa herself had to flaunt the great gift on Instagram and ended up sharing posts to her Instagram story. In one of the updates, she even kissed the Riverdale actor's pillowy face.

"He's so quiet today," she whispered in another clip. "Such a quiet baby."

Though she seemed to be a fan of the thoughtful present, she did have one particular complaint about the item, which made fans bend over in stitches. The dirty quip came when Seacrest was quizzing her about the pillow.

"I saw on your [Instagram story] post that you have baby daddy pillow and baby daddy," Seacrest said, referencing Ripa's comment that she had been snuggling with her baby daddy the night before.

"So, where was baby daddy pillow last night?"

"He is in the dressing room, where I keep him," Ripa promptly returned.

"He is in the dressing room, yeah. I have the real thing at home. I didn't need the pillow. When you have the real thing, who needs [it]? Because the pillow is just the top half of him."

"I mean, it's him. But the lower half is missing, and that's my favorite half."
She also added that the pillow was "here for a limited engagement."

It's not the first time Ripa has made fans laughed this week, as she recently joked about creating a show called Blond-ish after sharing a makeup free selfie, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.