October 18, 2019
Cody Simpson Spoofs Viral Kylie Jenner Video With Miley Cyrus' Dog Bean

Cody Simpson and Miley Cyrus both seem to be big fans of Kylie Jenner's three-word song that has taken social media by storm.

As reported by E! News, a short clip of Kylie singing to her 1-year-old daughter, Stormi Webster, recently went viral. It was snipped from a video of Kylie Jenner giving fans a tour of the Kylie Cosmetics offices, where Stormi has her own playroom. Kylie is shown walking into the dark room, where a camera is already waiting. After the beauty mogul flips on the light switch, she sings the words "rise and shine" to Stormi, who is clearly already awake.

On Thursday, Cody Simpson took to Instagram to share a spoof of the viral video. In it, the Australian musician walks through a bedroom door wearing a gray tank top and a white bath towel wrapped around his waist. As he enters the room, he pretends like he's talking to a camera crew behind him.

"Do you want to see her room?" he says.

Cody then does his best imitation of Kylie Jenner's dramatic "Rise and Shine" performance, but instead of a baby, his audience turns out to be Miley Cyrus' adorable rescue dog, Bean. The cute pooch is sitting on the bed and staring at the door as Cody walks in. However, her head swivels toward whoever is behind the camera when it zooms in on her. Cody can be heard laughing in the background as Bean looks back in his direction and licks her lips. The tiny dog is all dressed up for her big scene; she's sporting a collar with a fancy black bow on it.

So far, Cody Simpson's video has earned over 147,000 likes, and it's been viewed over 734,000 times. Many of his Instagram followers were impressed by his imitation of Kylie Jenner's singing.

"Bruh how did he do it so perfectly down to the end voice crack," wrote one fan.

"Why do you sound exactly like her," another remarked.

However, others thought Bean was the real star of the video or were disappointed that Miley Cyrus didn't make a surprise appearance in it.

"Bean is a MOOD," read one response to Cody's post.

"Why did I think Miley was gonna appear outta no where," another fan commented.

While Miley didn't participate in Cody's parody video by starring in it, she did share a different Kylie Jenner spoof on Twitter. In the digitally altered clip, Kylie is singing "Rise and Shine" on the set of the reality singing competition, The Voice. After she completes her short performance, the video cuts to shots of the show's coaches excitedly slamming their hands on the red buttons that turn their spinning red chairs around. Miley Cyrus is one of the coaches that makes an appearance in the video.
Kylie's "Rise and Shine" song isn't the only tune that Cody Simpson has had a little fun with this week. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the "Golden Thing" singer recently made an appearance in a video that Miley shared on her Instagram stories. In it, she and Cody got silly while belting out the '90s classic "Barbie Girl" together in a car.