Carrie Underwood Flashes Some Leg In Dazzling Gold Dress That Instagram Adores

Duane ProkopGetty Images for CMT / Viacom

Carrie Underwood’s concert outfits are beginning to attract almost as much attention as her incredible voice, thanks to her habit of posting photos of them on Instagram.

Many of those who follow the 36-year-old country music sensation on the social media platform seem to love her even more for giving them closer looks at the exquisite ensembles that she’s been wearing during her “Cry Pretty Tour 360.” As previously reported by The Inquisitr, three of her more recent photos have featured the same light blue number that’s a party dress from the front and a glamorous gown from the back, thanks to its combination of two wildly different lengths. However, while Carrie is clearly a fan of that outfit, it’s not the only mullet-style dress that’s part of her concert rotation.

On Thursday night, Carrie Underwood took to Instagram to share a photo of a different dress with a long back and a short front. It was a glittering gold gown with a delicate sheer overlay in the front, which had a hemline that fell a few inches above Carrie’s knees. The back of the gown grazed the tops of the chunky heels that she was wearing, a pair of shiny gold boots embellished with gold chains. The unusual design of Carrie’s dress created the perfect display for her athletic legs.

Some of the longer part of the gown is visible in Carrie’s concert snapshot, and it is covered with elaborate embroidery. Much of the V-neck top of the dress is hidden underneath Carrie’s gorgeous blond hair, but the short sleeves embellished with strips of gold are peeking out from the sides of her wavy tresses. A metallic gold belt draws attention to her slender waist.

Carrie Underwood’s Instagram followers were big fans of this look, which she rocked during her tour stop in Louisville, Kentucky.

“That’s dress is amazing!!!” wrote one fan.

“This outfit is gorgeous!!!!” another commented.

“Love your dress! Beautiful inside and out!” remarked a third admirer.

While Carrie Underwood might like dresses with asymmetrical hemlines, she seems to love looks that shimmer and shine even more. She wore a pair of glittering gold shorts and a sparkling black top for her remote performance for the CMT Artists of the Year ceremony, and her Instagram page is peppered with pictures of the “Cry Pretty” singer rocking sequins and glitter.

Carrie Underwood appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert earlier this month, and Stephen commented on her love of clothing that sparkles. He told her that the outfit she chose for his show made it look like she had sparkles dripping off her body.

“It’s like tentacles of glitter coming off of you, like you’ve been attacked by a very glamorous jellyfish,” he said.

“That’s what I was going for,” Carrie responded.