'The Young And The Restless' Spoilers: Lily Gets The Shock Of Her Life

The Young and the Restless spoilers bring Lily back to Genoa City after Devon sends her an SOS call.

Devon (Bryton James) is under a lot of stress because of the unexpected appearance of Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan). Not only did Amanda bring details about another will from Katherine Chancellor, but also she looked just like Devon's late wife, Hilary. The new will, whether real or fake, leaves all of Katherine's money to Lily's (Christel Khalil) ex-husband, Cane (Daniel Goddard). Devon is at his breaking point, so he calls up his sister and asks her for help.

Lily actress, Christel Khalil, spoke to Soap Opera Digest about Lily's return to Genoa City. Previously, The Inquisitr reported that Khalil brings Lily back to the storyline on Friday, October 18.

"Lily's not really thinking about anything else but what Devon is feeling and going through. She doesn't really know anything about this weirdness with the will that's come to light and that Amanda is causing trouble for Devon."
When Lily arrives at Devon's, he tells his sister all the details about what's been going on with him. Devon explains the will situation to Lily, but he lets her know that the statute of limitations to contest the will is up. Even though he's not legally required to do anything, Devon wants to ensure his grandmother's sincere wishes are honored, so if the will is for real, Devon wants to honor it. He reveals that Cane is the one who supposedly gets the fortune, and Devon asks Lily to help him make the right decision about everything.In the midst of telling Lily everything that is going on, he admits that Amanda Sinclair looks like Hilary. Lily hears her brother, but she does not realize that what he's telling her is actually true.

"Lily thinks he's just exaggerating because he's under so much stress," Khalil revealed.

However, Jill (Jess Walton) and Amanda happen to show up, and Lily runs into Amanda and sees what Devon means about her being Hilary's exactly lookalike. Seeing somebody who looks precisely like Hilary after all these months comes as a massive shock for Lily. She served time for her part in the accident that caused Hilary to pass away, and now it almost seems like Lily is seeing a ghost.

"Lily is stunned," said Khalil. "It is like looking at Hilary. But Lily will do whatever it takes to protect Devon."

Lily will work hard to make sure that her brother doesn't get hurt again.