Angela Simmons Exposes Chest On Instagram: ‘Proceed With Caution’

Dave KotinskyGetty Images

Angela Simmons has delivered some pretty racy content on her Instagram. The Growing Up Hip Hop star isn’t the raunchiest reality star on the platform, although she will embrace her sexy side from time to time. Today seems to have brought just that; yesterday, it was Angela nearly bursting out of her sports bra.

Angela’s Instagram story today appeared to be a follow-up from her permanent Instagram post. Perhaps, the story was a little too sexy for the 32-year-old to consider it as a permanent post. While the photo posted to Angela’s Instagram showed her covered up in an orange satin robe as she modeled a sexy pair snakeskin thigh boots, the story showed the robe open.

Angela was showcasing a significant amount of chest via a barely there black bra, with the finish appearing to show a high ratio of skin to material. Angela appeared to be walking and looking downward as she made her way through a room.

“Walk with [caution],” the star wrote in the caption, using a caution emoji sign that’s seen on road signs.

Fans got a lot more than a flash of cleavage, though. Angela’s style and glam were both on-point, with the brunette’s impeccable fashion sense appearing to make yet another appearance. Angela was also seen looking beautifully made up, with bold red lips, long lashes, and a hair do that was up there with the cosmetics.

Angela seems to be rising as a social media sensation. The star uses the platform to share various aspects of her life, although one feature is prominent; Angela is all about the glam. She’s even turned it into a business, with the hair extensions line that she has to her name.

Angela has been profiled by media outlets. In an interview with LadyGunn, she participated in a Q&A, and the answers proved pretty interesting. When asked what she keeps in her handbag, Angela offered an honest response.

“Hand sanitizer, lotion (because your hands might be ashy), cocoa butter and my phones; I’ve got one of each, a Blackberry and an iPhone,” she replied.

Simmons was then asked what kind of tattoo she would get if she were forced to get one.

“Something on my shoulder. I’ve been thinking about it, getting words that are meaningful to me. I have like 7, but they’re all pretty much in hidden places. I have a tattoo on my head so at this point, I don’t think anything will hurt. It’s on the back of my head, higher up so I had to shave hair to do it,” she replied, suggesting that she’d beat the interviewer to the question.

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