Pastor David Wilson Video: Alleged Sex Tape Has Social Media Buzzing, But Could Be Big Trouble For Leaker

An alleged sex tape of Pastor David Wilson has social media flooded with jokes and memes -- but it may be no laughing matter for whoever leaked it.

The explicit video has made its way across social media, even sending the term "Pastor Wilson" to the top of Twitter trends for the United States on Thursday. The original video, which has been viewed close to 180,000 times and garnered a number of retweets, allegedly shows the Texas-based pastor in a sex act with a mostly unseen and completely unidentified woman.

A family member told Heavy that they do not know if the video is real, and believe that someone may be trying to gain fame from the pastor's name. Wilson is listed as the senior pastor of a Texas-based church.

If the video was leaked, it could mean significant trouble for whoever shared it. Texas is one of a number of states that have taken steps to criminalize the release of so-called "revenge porn," which are explicit videos or pictures of a certain person, released without permission and with malicious intent. If the Pastor Wilson sex tape is legitimate and was released without the consent of the two people featured, it could result in up to a year in jail.

While nothing about the controversial video has been confirmed, it still managed to gain viral attention across social media. Many shared memes and joked about the explicit content of the film. Others shared what was believed to be a social media account for the pastor's wife, posting screenshots of messages sent about the video.

It was not clear how the Pastor Wilson sex tape was released, but it hit the internet around the same time as other apparently stolen explicit images. As The Inquisitr reported, what appeared to be nude photos of singer and actress Demi Lovato spread on the internet on Thursday after what was reported to be a hack of the singer's Snapchat account.

Some fans noticed what looked to be a strange SnapStory to the singer's account, prompting fans to sign up for a Discord server where nude photos of a woman were posted. The photos were not confirmed as belonging to Lovato, but they bore a strong resemblance to the singer.

The singer's fans have come to her defense, calling on the social media outlets to delete the photos and expressing shock that her accounts had apparently been hacked. Lovato herself has not commented on the matter.Meanwhile, Wilson has not offered comment on the alleged sex tape.