October 18, 2019
Amanda Cerny Gets Soapy In A Bathtub & Teases A Calendar

Amanda Cerny shared a new Instagram post today, and it was all about a bath.

The social media sensation was spotted lounging in a white modern tub while holding what appeared to be a bath bomb in her right hand. The first photo showed her laying in the tub, raising her right hand while sticking her leg out of the water. Here, Amanda looked to her left and wore her hair pulled back. In the backdrop, a wooden ladder that's likely used to hang towels was also visible.

The second photo was a shot of Cerny as she threw her right arm into the air, raising her leg in a 45-degree angle while smiling widely with her eyes closed.

In the captions, Amanda teased a new calendar. And judging from the initial, enthusiastic responses, it looks like there will be lots of people who are going to buy a copy.

"Can't wait! promise to sign mine?" asked a hopeful fan.

"There are 4 seasons around the world ; Spring, Summer, Autumn, Cerny Calendar," joked another admirer.

Others offered compliments to the former Vine star.

"Work that bathtub Amanda!" exclaimed a follower.

"If angels were real," said another follower.

"The more you post the more i smile, the more i see you everyday the more i feel good, i just love you, you are gorgeous and amazing," gushed a fan.

The photo has been liked over 54,000 times in the first 30 minutes since it went live. Fans can check out the photo on her Instagram page.

In addition, Amanda shared another update yesterday that proved to be popular as she posted a video that has since been watched over 3.7 million times.

It was a short comedy skit where Cerny was seen trying to put on fitted sheets on a bed. She wore a pair of striped shorts, matching it with a long-sleeved shirt. The star struggled throughout the first half of the clip to put the sheets on. Eventually, she figured out a way to get the sheets on the bed, except she was stuck under it.

Amanda was then seen kicking the sheets dramatically, as it fell off the bed while she leaned back in despair.

For those who can't get enough of this Instagram sensation, keep an eye on her social media feed for updates in the coming days. Fans can also check out Amanda's prior post where she rocked a tiny red bikini.