Kelly Ripa Stuns With Soaking-Wet Hair & Zero Makeup In Rolled-Up Jeans On NYC Streets

Vivien KillileaGetty Images

Kelly Ripa tends to be seen in thigh-skimming mini dresses with a full face of makeup. The Live! with Kelly and Ryan host has gotten her killer set looks down to an art, although it looks like this television star is a big enough deal to get chased by the paparazzi as soon as she leaves the house.

Photos obtained by The Daily Mail today showed Kelly leaving her New York City home as she headed to the set. Kelly was looking super-casual – and super-beautiful – in a wardrobe that wasn’t quite what’s seen as she drives her fans wild on the set of Live!. Nonetheless, the look was a stylish one, with Kelly rocking a pair of light jeans which were rolled up at the ankle, and a loose T-shirt in a similar color with dark lettering on it. Kelly was also wearing a navy blue blazer and white sneakers.

Fans will likely have noticed that Kelly was makeup-free and that her hair was wet and slicked back into a bun. Presumably, she arrives backstage for the show taping with a fresh face for her hair and makeup crew to work on; that would explain the cosmetics-free finish, and the wet hair. Kelly was also carrying a cup of coffee, a large envelope of papers, and a large black backpack. Aside from the backpack and discreet earrings, there were no other accessories to her look.

Kelly might wear designer dresses and fancy heels, but this star isn’t pretentious. Kelly is loved for her raw attitude and realness, with the star having revealed those sides in interviews. When Kelly spoke to Bon Appetit, she was asked what her “ish” food was, compared to her healthy eats. Kelly revealed the most ordinary snack in the world.

“Mark and I used to have peanut butter and jelly as a bedtime snack. I’m not sure why. Even as a kid, I didn’t really like it, but now here I am. I get ciabatta bread, and now I eat half a sandwich before bed, with chunky Skippy peanut butter or Justin’s honey peanut butter and Bonne Maman strawberry or raspberry jam,” Kelly said.

Ciabatta bread might be slightly fancy, but not many A-list television stars would likely admit to eating PB&J in interviews.

Kelly recently turned heads for a pretty hilarious video of herself fully admitting that her miniskirt was “too short for TV.” Fans wishing to see more of Kelly should follow her Instagram.