Belgian Fitness Model Savannah Prez Sizzles In Hot Pink Crop Top And Leggings In New Gym Snap

Belgian fitness model Savannah Prez gave her fans a treat on Thursday when she uploaded a photo of herself rocking a hot pink crop top and leggings that appeared to cling to every muscle on her body.

The brunette stunner was at the gym when the photo was taken and her outfit almost matches the machine that she's standing next to.

In the caption, Savannah revealed that her workout wear was from a company called Body Engineers. She didn't disclose the name of the design but a quick glance at their Instagram page reveals that she's wearing a version of their Motus Seamless leggings and crop top, which retail for $44.66 and $36.84 respectively.

In the comments, fans showered Savannah with effusive praise for her enviably fit physique.

"You are an absolute dream of a lady" one fan wrote. "Your physique is so f*cking perfect and sexy."

Others were a little bit more succinct with their commentary.

"Beautiful body mamacita," another follower said.

"You're so perfect," a third Instagram user added.

One fan quipped about how Savannah blended in with the pink exercise machines.

"Thought you were a piece of gym equipment at first!" they remarked.

Savannah is likely used to getting comments from infatuated fans at this point. As The Inquisitr previously reported, her fans were just as enthusiastic when she flaunted her chiseled abs in a strappy pink crop top and jeans.

"You make those jeans look good," one person commented.

"Looking fabulous," another added.

Several of the other comments were simply flurries of emojis.

On her website, Savannah describes herself as someone who has loved being physically active since she was very young. She even played basketball as a teen even though she's petite, standing at just 5-feet-2-inches.

"I know right, when you think of a basketball player you don't expect a shorty on the court, put me next to LeBron [James] and I would disappear in his shade," she writes. "But hey, this little shorty was rocking the basketball court. Not because I was the tallest one, but because I was always trying to figure out a tactic to bypass my opponent or outplay them and to be supportive towards my team"

Savannah added that she got interested in fitness modeling in 2014 thanks to social media. Seeing all of the women with insanely fit core muscles, quads, and more inspired her to give it a try, and the rest, as they say, is history.

On her site, Savannah offers a range of fitness coaching programs for people with a variety of fitness goals. She has also written a book called The QUADS BIBLE for anyone who wants to get powerful legs like hers.

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