Friday’s ‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Cane Discovers Something Huge

Monty BrintonCBS

The Young and the Restless spoilers for Friday, October 18, bring a significant find for Cane, and he heads back to Genoa City. Plus, Chelsea forgives Nick, at least for a minute, and Abby tries to move forward without Nate.

Cane (Daniel Goddard) makes a discovery, according to SheKnows Soaps. Somebody knocked him out and left him unconscious for a while. However, Cane eventually wakes up, and there is a surprise waiting for him — Katherine Chancellor’s last will and testament. He’s been missing all week, but now Cane is finally going to head back to Genoa City, and while he doesn’t find Chance, he won’t return empty-handed.

Of course, there’s still the pesky fact that it is too late to contest Katherine’s will, and Devon (Bryton James) controls her fortune. Devon does want to ensure he’s doing what his grandmother wanted, though, so who knows how everything will play out?

Meanwhile, Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) sets aside her pride. She finally forgives Nick (Joshua Morrow), and they look forward to an evening together. Unfortunately, Connor (Judah Mackey) acts out again and interrupts their plans. Chelsea is beside herself with worry for her son, and she just wants to ensure that Connor is okay.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Chelsea will beg Nick to go to Las Vegas to bring Adam home. At this point, Chelsea believes that Adam is the only person who can help Connor. Nick isn’t entirely convinced, but he agrees to try to get Adam to return to Genoa City to help Connor. After all, Connor is just a little boy, and the way things went down with Adam and the other adults in his life is not his fault. Now, Nick only has to convince Adam that he should come back to help his son.

Finally, Abby (Melissa Ordway) faces difficulties in her relationship with Nate (Sean Dominic). Her ex-fiance, Arturo (Jason Canela), just had his baby with Mia (Noemi Gonzalez), and instead of having her own strong relationship, Abby is once again finding herself with a broken heart. She’s working on The Grand Phoenix, and Society is going strong, but Abby’s personal life is in tatters once again. She held Nate at arm’s length, but just as Abby really warmed to their relationship, Nate decided that they are too different. Abby’s Newman family drama was also too much for Nate, especially considering he had his own family drama to handle with Devon (Bryton James) and Katherine’s supposed new will.