Gigi Hadid Goes Nude & Censors Herself With A Large Scarf On Instagram

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Gigi Hadid shared a new Instagram picture from a photoshoot today, and fans are loving it.

The photo showed the model posing in front of a completely white backdrop. She appeared to go nude, censoring herself with a large Burberry scarf. The scarf was sheer, but she folded it in half to cover herself.

Hadid struck a strong pose with her legs wide apart and tilted her head back slightly. She held the scarf with both of her hands and bent her elbows.

Gigi’s hair featured a ton of curls, and she rocked a heavy eyeliner with pink lipstick. She didn’t wear any visible jewelry and completed her look with a pair of heels, which had white and red stripes down the front.

The photo has been liked over 217,000 already in the first 35 minutes since it went live. Fans gushed about Gigi’s good looks in the comments section, with many people talking about her legs.

“Legz for centuries,” said a fan.

“So jealous of those legs,” another admirer commented.

“Gigi wearing a scarf : looking stunning, me wearing a chanel suit : still not enough,” joked a follower.

“GIRL STOP YOURE SO PERFECT,” exclaimed another Instagram user.

‘This is the most beautiful girl in the world,” a fifth person observed.

In addition, Hadid shared another selfie six days ago, showing off her eye-catching makeup. The first photo showed Gigi giving a sultry look as she wore a navy blue shirt. She accessorized with a gold chain necklace and wore her hair down in curls.

The second photo showed her closing her eyes, which gave fans a good look at the eyeshadow. It was shimmery peach, with a sparkling, light color that accentuated the inner half of her lids.

This selfie was liked by over 2.9 million fans. It’s hard to argue the model’s fame, as she boasts over 50.2 million followers on Instagram.

The model previously opened up about her life and discussed with Harper’s Bazaar how fame has affected her life.

“I’ve had my ups and downs with it for sure, because overall, it’s definitely a learning process. I’ve learned a lot about myself because of it. I’ve learned to be honest with myself and celebrate myself, protect myself, be assertive when I need to. I always want to be kind, but that doesn’t mean I need to let people take advantage of me,” she said.

For fans that can’t get enough of Gigi, check out an earlier post where she showed off her booty.