October 17, 2019
'Riverdale' Star Vanessa Morgan Sizzles In Sexy Harley Quinn Costume

On Wednesday, Riverdale star Vanessa Morgan shared a sneak peek of her character, Toni Topaz's epic Halloween costume as she uploaded a sizzling snap from the set of the hit CW show on Instagram. In the photo, Vanessa posed inside a prison, which will most likely be the setting for a major plot point. The beauty held on to the jail cell bars, as she gazed seductively into the camera with her mouth slightly open.

Vanessa sizzled in a sexy Harley Quinn costume, based on the design from Batman: The Animated Series. The stunner flaunted her fabulous figure in a red-and-black bustier and matching shorts. She paired the look with fishnet stockings, sporty thigh-high socks, platform boots, and black gloves.

The actress styled her red-and-black wig in Harley's signature pigtails. Vanessa also put on white contact lenses and wore spooky makeup, including red eyeshadow and black lipstick.

Fans were floored by the sexy snap and flocked to the comments section to shower Vanessa with compliments.

"Ok, Vanessa! That's enough! I'm calling the cops! I'm sure being that hot is illegal," quipped a fan.

"You look AMAZING," added another.

Earlier this week, Vanessa and Madelaine Petsch, who plays her on-screen love interest, Cheryl Blossom, spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the upcoming Halloween episode that will air on October 30. The publication noted that the two actresses are friends in real life. It seems that their character's electric chemistry can be attributed to their close relationship.


During the interview, the actresses revealed that Toni and Cheryl will be dressing as the comic book villains, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. Vanessa admitted she was previously unfamiliar with the former Arkham Asylum psychologist's original costume design.

"I haven't seen this version of Harley Quinn before because it's from the original Harley Quinn costume, but I really like it," explained Vanessa.

Madelaine also expressed excitement over her elaborate outfit. She went on to hint at Cheryl and Toni's storyline in the much-anticipated episode.

"I didn't think Cheryl and Toni would do Halloween the way they're doing it, but I'm not going to spoil exactly what that is," said the CW star. "However, we do obviously get very dressed up and things take a very strange turn -- but a very Cheryl Blossom-esque turn. A very Blossomy turn."

While Madelaine was intentionally vague, it seems that "Choni" fans will be in for a treat.


To see more of Vanessa and Madelaine, be sure to watch Riverdale, airing Wednesday on The CW.