Brazilian Beauty Erika Gray Is Pretty In Pink As She Rocks A Skin Tight Mini Dress

Erika GrayInstagram

Erika Gray is pretty in pink on Instagram.

The Brazilian model shared a very revealing snap of herself rocking a skin tight mini dress that looked quite flattering on her famously curvy physique. The Instagram snap showed Erika on her knees on a white fur carpet as she held a bouquet of pink roses fashioned together in the shape of a bear.

The picture was a huge hit with Erika’s followers, prompting plenty of compliments on her look — especially her choice of color.

“Love the pink babe,” one person wrote.

“Nice color on you,” another added.

The picture pulled some double duty for Erika, earning her some viral attention from fans while also snagging her a paycheck. The rose bear she held was made by a company called Dose of Roses, which makes specialty bouquets and utilizes social media for its marketing.

While Erika is most frequently donning skimpy swimwear or tight dresses for fashion brands, she uses her famous curves and her huge following to help sell a number of other products as well. Earlier this summer, she spent several days donning form-fitting swimwear to promote an adults-only boutique in Mexico, and frequently shares posts in promotion of Bang Energy fitness energy drinks.

For advertisers, working with popular Instagram models like Erika comes with some significant benefits. While Erika likely makes somewhere in the five figures for every post she shares — industry experts say that social media influencers make about $1,000 for every 100,000 followers they have, and Erika has a following of 2.3 million — that is still significantly cheaper for companies than trying to snag a big name celebrity.

As social media expert Joe Gagliese said in an interview with Vox, advertisers can get significant reach through Instagram models at a fraction of the price of snagging movie stars or athletes.

“These influencers have moved into celebrity territory. An endorsement from them is just as valuable as working with LeBron. They have incredibly engaged audiences and have an ability to push really big numbers,” he shared.

“We actually believe influencers are more impactful than athletes and TV stars because they are more relatable and so their audience is more tapped in. So it’s like, why pay a celebrity $50 million for a deal when that can be split up among influencers and make real impact?”

It’s an approach that is likely quite lucrative for Erika Gray, as the Brazilian beauty’s Instagram feed shows that she is never hurting for work.