Fitness Model Ainsley Rodriguez Sizzles In Minuscule Gold Bikini

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Fitness model Ainsley Rodriguez isn’t exactly shy when it comes to showing off her unbelievable body. On Thursday, the stunner sent temperatures rising by posting yet another sizzling snap for her 1.9 million followers to enjoy. The photo, taken in Miami, Florida, shows the beauty standing on her tiptoes, underneath an awning in a gorgeous backyard. She posed facing away from the camera, with one of her hands raking through her long, thick hair. Ainsley opted for subtle makeup, including bronzer, peach blush, and nude lipgloss, that enhanced her natural beauty.

The stunner sizzled in a gold string bikini that left little to the imagination. Her ample cleavage, washboard abs, and long, lean legs were on full display in the skimpy swimsuit. The tan and toned model accessorized the sultry look with a pair of gold statement earrings and a delicate bracelet.

With Ainsley looking so great, it should come as no surprise that many fans have expressed interest in following her diet plan. In the post’s lengthy caption, however, the model advised her followers to find a specific diet that is suitable with their individual needs.

Fans seemed to love the post, as it quickly racked up more than 24,000 likes. Ainsley’s dedicated followers also flocked to the comments section to shower the stunner with compliments.

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MY DIET .... shouldn’t really matter to you! - My way of eating works well for ME, but that doesn’t mean I believe it’s the only way for everyone. - We are all INDIVIDUALS. I don’t want anyone to eat the way that I do just because that’s the way I eat. That’s how I got myself into the mess of trying so many different diets over the years in the first place. I was always sure that THIS person finally had the answers… when the answer all along was simply finding what was right for ME! THIS is why I go to the lengths to truly customize my clients programs. It’s about THEIR body type, numbers and goals. - I think you can tell that a way of eating is compatible with YOUR individual body/constitution when it helps you feel STABLE. My inflammation (for the most part, depending on other lifestyle factors) feels lower and stable when I avoid certain foods. My energy feels strong and stable. My hunger/digestion is also stronger, stable and predictable. Most importantly my mind and mood feel more stable when I eat enough, focus on warming/seasonal foods, and avoid my distinct food intolerances (another area where we’re different). - Our differences are what make this community so amazing! We all have unique experiences and nuggets of knowledge to share with each other and at the end of the day we all have a common goal - we want to feel our best and give the best to the ones we love ????????. When I share thing with you it’s out of love and with the goal of sparking something in YOUR journey. Thank you for the love, support and gratitude you show me daily - it doesn’t go unnoticed and I am so damn grateful to have you all here ❤️

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“D*mn [you’re] absolutely beautiful,” gushed an admirer.

“Wowwww your gorgeous,” praised another, adding a string of heart emoji to the comment.

“A goddess sent from the heavens perfection,” chimed in a third Instagram user.

Ainsley graciously responded to a majority of the comments and thanked her followers for their kind words.

As fans are well aware, the Instagram influencer works incredibly hard to maintain her fit physique. The fitness model often posts workout videos on her Instagram account to serve as inspiration to her followers.

In an interview with Simply Shredded, the bombshell opened up about the ways in which she stays in such great shape. She noted that she’s been interested in fitness from an early age and now is a dedicated bodybuilder.

“I’ve been active my whole life. When I first stepped into a gym and felt the adrenaline pump through my veins as my heart-rate rose, I knew I had found my true passion and I was hooked,” explained Ainsley. “What started off as a hobby, quickly turned into a habit, then a full-blown lifestyle.”

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