Sveta Bilyalova Dons A Sheer Bralette & Says 'Bad Girls Go To Heaven'

Social media sensation Sveta Bilyalova shared her first Instagram post of the month. She was spotted in a revealing bralette, as she posed outdoors in Sochi, Russia.

The model was seen rocking a lacy black top that left little to the imagination. It featured lacy accents that decorated the top of her midriff. She paired the bralette with light denim shorts, which were high-waisted. Sveta sat on what appeared to be the side of a car, as she took a drag of a cigarette with her right hand.

Bilyalova also wore her hair down, which cascaded down the front of her shoulders and helped to censor her chest. She accessorized with multiple necklaces of varying lengths, with her longest necklace featuring a circular pendant.

Behind Sveta, viewers could see a mountain that was covered with colorful trees.

The photo is too revealing to share here, but you can check it out on her Instagram page. It's been liked over 214,000 times so far, and fans had mixed reactions in the comments section. There were lots of messages about her smoking, in particular.

"No Smoking, i don't want you But You're so hot and pls stay Health," pleaded a fan, whose comment was liked by at least 15 other fans.

"Hope its the good weed," said another fan.

"And bad girls that smoke get there quicker!" exclaimed a follower.

"Dont drink and drive...smoke and fly," said another follower.

Others focused on the flirty captions.

"Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere," said a fan.

In addition to the new post, Sveta shared an Instagram story. The video showed her leaning on a brown railing, as she looked out over the scenery. The model's face was mostly obscured, as she didn't look at the camera, but she wore her hair down in a casual look and rocked a white robe. The captions revealed that she was enjoying the sunrise.

The video clip included a look at the rugged mountains in the background, along with brightly-colored trees that are changing colors.

It looks like Sveta is enjoying herself in Sochi for now, which was the host of the 2014 Olympics. It's located on the Black Sea, boasting over 90 miles of coastline.

For fans that can't get enough of Sveta, check out her prior post, where she rocked a revealing top. Also, fans can keep an eye on her Instagram stories, which she shares more often than posts.