‘Black Ink Crew’s’ Young Bae Sports Low-Cut Top With An Asian-Inspired Design

Young BaeInstagram

Young Bae, a star in the reality TV show Black Ink Crew, shared a brand-new Instagram photo today that showed her rocking a red top with an Asian-inspired design.

The update showed Young standing in front of a light blue wall. She wore a red shirt that featured structured shoulders and a low cut in the front. The top was arguably a little too small, and her cleavage was on full display. The shirt also featured a small necklace-like collar, which was tied together by a gold string. The top featured an Asian design, with floral accents throughout.

Bae wore her hair up in a high ponytail for the shot, as she pursed her lips and looked into the distance. Her pink eye shadow was eye-catching, along with her light pink lipstick.

The photo has been liked over 11,000 times so far. You can check it out on Young’s Instagram page, where fans also gushed about her good looks in the comments section.

“Yasssss! I see you finally got your baby hairs poppin! Love you Bae!” exclaimed a fan.

“Oh this is how you feeling? This is HOT,” said another fan.

“You are so beautiful… on a whole other level! Porcelain doll tat me baeeeee,” requested a follower.

Other fans alluded to her partner leaving her and their son.

“You look beautiful but sad but you’re definitely hard to forget. You seem to be a real one,” noted a follower.

“You are a beautiful strong woman! I admire your resilience,” encouraged another follower.

In addition to this sizzling photo, Bae shared a series of photos and a video of her birthday celebration at the Sugar Factory American Brasserie. It looked like she had a blast with her friends and reposted several stories in the photo set.

Young rocked a tight black minidress, along with a gray jacket with eye-catching sleeves. The long sleeves were made of light brown fur. She wore her hair down in a right part.

One photo appeared to be of her entree, while other pictures revealed a fun table that was decorated with a giant rubber duck and cups filled with colorful candy.

The tattoo artist’s birthday was on October 9, and she turned 35-years-old.

For fans that can’t get enough of Bae, check out her prior update where she showed off her hourglass figure in a minidress. Fans can also hope for more updates in the coming days.