Sara Underwood Shows Off Figure In White Minidress While On Vacation

David BeckerDavid Becker

Sara Underwood loves the great outdoors and her Instagram page is filled with images of dazzling landscapes from the locales she’s visited. She recently spent some time in Utah, and on Thursday, she updated her account with a post that showed the natural beauty of the state as well as her incredible figure.

The post consisted of three photos that showed Sara seemingly lost amongst a myriad of rock formations. While Sara didn’t indicate where the photos were taken, it seemed that they were taken at Goblin Valley. Sara wore a white minidress the featured a low-cut square neckline and long sleeves. The dress hugged her curves and accentuated her hourglass shape. The beauty in her white dress stood out in the sea of red rock.

The first photo captured Sara from quite a distance away. With huge formations behind her, she looked off to the side, as if in wonder. The second photo zoomed in on the stunner somewhat as she stood against a hug formation that towered over her. The final set in the series showed the beauty walking through some of the formations. She appeared to be barefoot, but it was impossible to tell if she was wearing sandals.

In the post’s’ caption, Sara joked about how the photos resembled what every girl’s DMs look like on Instagram. She also asked her fans to choose which snap they liked best. Many had a hard time deciding, and others were taken by the beauty of the photos.

“How about…. 1, 2, AND 3! Absolutely amazing the perspective of you and that landscape! Well done, as usual,” commented one follower.

One follower explained what her liked about every photo.

“I like your pose in 3 the best, the location in 1, and best overall combo is 2,” he wrote.

Sara and her boyfriend, Jacob Witzling, have traveled to many exotic places. They recently trekked across Iceland in a van, and she shared some hot springs they enjoyed while in the country.

The couple have also traveled across the United States in a Ford F150, upon which they built a tiny cabin.

Regardless of wherever she may be and whatever she is wearing, Sara seems to look fantastic while there.

The couple have embarked on a project they call Cabinland, which involves building tiny cabins in the Pacific Northwest. As The Inquisitr recently reported, Sara looked fantastic while wearing a cute romper in her woodsy yard.

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