October 17, 2019
Seth Rogen Responds To Arrest Of Iowa Man Who Allegedly Used Fake I.D. With The Name 'McLovin'

Actor and director Seth Rogen has responded, with characteristic humor, to the arrest of an Iowa man who allegedly used a fake I.D. that referenced a scene in his 2007 movie Superbad.

As The Iowa City Press-Citizen reports, police showed up at The Airliner, an Iowa City bar, in the wee hours of the morning last Friday. There, they allegedly found Daniel Alfredo Burleson, 20, of Des Moines, wearing a wristband from the bar and drinking a beverage containing vodka. Further, police said that Burleson's speech was slurred and had "bloodshot, watery" eyes.

Police asked Burleson to produce an I.D., which he allegedly refused to do, and was removed from the premises. He then showed his I.D., which allegedly indicated that he hadn't quite reached his 21st birthday and thus, isn't allowed to legally drink in Iowa.

Police then asked Burleson for his fake I.D., to which he allegedly responded that he didn't have one. But as he was rifling through his wallet, police allegedly spotted his fake card. A "Hawaii" I.D. identified him only as "McLovin," and indicated his date of birth as June 3, 1981, which would mean that Burleson is 38 years old. Burleson allegedly admitted that he bought the fake I.D. on Amazon. Indeed, such I.D. cards are available for purchase on Amazon, where they're sold as novelty items, but are not meant to be used in lieu of state-issued identification cards.

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Wikimedia Commons | ErgoSum88

The fake "McLovin" I.D. comes from the 2007 movie Superbad, which Seth Rogen co-wrote and in which he has a minor role. In a scene in the movie, a teenager, Fogell, portrayed by Christopher Mintz-Plasse, attempts to purchase liquor using the fake I.D. His friends express their disbelief at the idea of an I.D. bearing only a single name working. Wacky shenanigans ensue.

In a tweet, Rogen linked to a local news story about the incident, and captioned it, "My work here is done."

Back in Iowa, the alleged use of a fake I.D. is not joke, as Burleson is finding out. He faces multiple charges, including public intoxication, being under legal age in a bar, possession of a fictitious license, and possession of alcohol while underage, according to jail records.

It remains unclear, as of this writing, if Burleson allegedly used the fake "McLovin" I.D. to gain entry to the bar and purchase alcohol. Also unclear is whether or not anyone affiliated with the bar is facing any criminal charges in relation to allegedly serving Burleson alcohol.