Matt Lauer Reportedly Had A Big ‘Interest’ In Pippa Middleton, And It Worried Staffers

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Pippa Middleton was famously thrust into the limelight after the royal wedding of her sister, the Duchess of Cambridge. The brunette beauty wore a figure-hugging white bridesmaid dress that showcased her curves, and it seems that the ensemble earned her a fan in none other than Matt Lauer.

Sources have told Page Six that the disgraced news anchor was incredibly eager to procure a job for the English rose at NBC, and even rented out a restaurant and ordered a test shoot for Middleton. Though the deal never went through, the news is making headlines considering Lauer’s fall from grace, due to multiple charges of sexual assault, including rape, from former colleagues, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

According to many people, Lauer’s reputation was an open secret, and his blatant desire to have Middleton join the NBC family made many staffers “nervous.”

“Matt and Pippa were never alone, and she wasn’t really interested in the job, but nevertheless NBC staffers were nervous about Matt’s interest in Pippa,” one insider claimed.

Lauer was so eager to get Middleton that he made a couple of very flamboyant gestures. One was shutting down his favorite restaurant, Donohue’s Steak House on the Upper East Side. The dinner was only comprised of himself, Middleton, her publicist, and a few NBC staffers.

Another was organizing a test shoot on a dude ranch in Montana. However, the insider claimed that the process was “excruciating” for the famous royal sister, as she was worried about embarrassing her newly married sister.

Moreover, Middleton was reportedly under a lot of pressure from Buckingham Palace not to bring too much media attention onto the royal family.

“Pippa wasn’t comfortable with any of it. Buckingham Palace was putting her under tremendous pressure not to go forward or cause any embarrassment to her sister,” the source claimed.

Though the potential job for Middleton fell through, Lauer did manage to get an interview with the brunette beauty. Even at the time, eyebrows were raised about some of the language that Lauer employed.

In the interview, the disgraced anchor told Middleton that she was a “beautiful woman” and had worn a “very flattering dress,” via The Daily Mail.

pippa middleton at royal wedding
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Pippa seemed embarrassed by the question, and deflected in response.

“It was completely unexpected. The plan was not really for it to be a significant dress, really just to blend in with the train,” she replied. “I suppose it’s flattering. Embarrassing, definitely. The dress was meant to be insignificant.”

Lauer then asked about how she handled when her legs and “bum” ached on the cross-country bike ride she had just completed. He added that he was happy she could “sit” after spending so much time in the bike’s saddle.

Lauer was later fired after sexual allegations first surfaced. Meanwhile, Middleton is know happily married with a son, Arthur. She also has a column in Waitrose magazine.