WWE News: Huge Steel Cage Match Announced For Upcoming 'Monday Night Raw'

In the last week, WWE has moved forward to completely solidify the brand split and make sure that there are two entirely different entities in the company. With Monday Night Raw on USA Network and Friday Night SmackDown moving to FOX, there are supposed to be two separate rosters. Well, that's kind of hard to do when WWE is promoting an inter-brand match inside of a steel cage for an upcoming episode of Raw.

While the WWE Superstar Draft was set to totally differentiate between the two brands, there were some loose ends that needed to be tied up first. On Halloween, WWE will present Crown Jewel from Saudi Arabia, and this pay-per-view will feature matches between both Raw and SmackDown superstars.

It was kind of expected that sort of thing would come to an end after the event in "The Kingdom," but that may have been a wrong assumption.

The official Twitter account for NYCB Live tweeted out an announcement on Wednesday that previewed a huge steel cage match for Monday Night Raw on November 4, 2019. The match will have WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins taking on Bray "The Fiend" Wyatt in a rematch from Hell in a Cell.

While that may seem great, it's just odd that WWE would now have a Raw vs. SmackDown match on the red brand.

At Hell in a Cell, Rollins and Wyatt wrestled to a "No Contest" inside of the cell and that did not sit well with the fans. Since that happened, the two have continued to interact with one another, as the feud will continue with another match later this month.

On Halloween, Rollins and Wyatt will face one another in a "Falls Count Anywhere Match" at Crown Jewel. This was expected to be the end of their feud since Wyatt was officially selected for the SmackDown brand during the WWE Superstar Draft earlier this month.

With this match being announced weeks in advance, it is very possible that things could change or that it may not happen at all. Then again, it could still happen but end up being a dark match that takes place after Monday Night Raw officially ends airing on live television.

No matter what, Seth Rollins is on Raw and Bray Wyatt is on SmackDown, which means they shouldn't be mixed in a feud together. FOX really wants WWE to keep the brands separate, and that is a big reason that another draft was recently held. If this cage match ends up happening on live television, it is just completely confusing as to why.