October 17, 2019
Lisa Rinna Strips Down To Undies On Instagram, Replies To Fan Calling Her 'A Million Years Old'

Lisa Rinna appears to be facing up to her age. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is 56-years-old, although fans would likely agree that Lisa's body is more like that of a 40-year-old. Lisa has somewhat of a reputation for stripping down to barely-there clothing on Instagram, although it will get slammed. Lisa dancing in a bikini and cowboy hat earlier this year had fans embarrassed for her.

Nobody's embarrassed for Lisa today, although a fan does seem to have called the star out on her age — in a good way. They also got a reply.

Earlier today, Lisa updated her Instagram. The star appeared inside her closet and wearing nothing but a tiny bra and briefs in nude shades. Lisa was seen in selfie mode as she snapped her rock-hard body, with fans seeing the mother of two photographed from the thighs up. The abs were definitely on show, alongside Lisa's strong arms, tiny waist, and toned legs. The quality of the image wasn't too great, with the flash blocking Lisa's face, but the killer physique was definitely visible.

A caption from Lisa announced that her underwear selfie had an agenda; Lisa was honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month, with a mention made that the disease runs in her family. The star then pleaded that her followers give the undies selfie a go.

A comment came in praising the star, with a bit of a joke made.
"This is amazing, guys. She's like a million years old. Show this to your girl."
Lisa replied.

"1M," the star wrote.

Lisa does seem to have a good sense of humor. She also appears to be pretty youthful in every way possible. In fact, many of the comments left to the star's post today seemed to see users thinking that Lisa looks great for her age, with one fan even querying how Lisa is over 50.

Lisa has opened up on her diet and fitness. The star spoke to People some years back, with an admission that she was a "dirty vegan." The interview also saw the star mention her exercise routines.

"I just think it's really good to move every day. I really love the combination of SoulCycle and yoga. It keeps me balanced and sane," Lisa said.

Lisa recently showcased her fun side by dancing to Michael Jackson in her sweatpants on Instagram. While today brought no dancing or athleisurewear, it definitely delivered the athletic body. Fans wishing to see more of Lisa should follow her Instagram account.