‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ryan Pines Over Ava, Gets Violent At Pentonville

Craig SjodinABC Press

Ryan Chamberlain is currently locked up at Pentonville, but according to General Hospital spoilers for the end of this week, he may just have a meltdown. As seen in the previews for Thursday, the serial killer is still pining for the love of his life, Ava Jerome.

Ava has been trying her best to get Ryan to let her go, but he wants nothing to do with that. Despite all the visits and pleading that she has done, he is sure that she will end up embracing her evil self, just as he has. However, things may change soon. In the Thursday previews that were shown at the end of Wednesday’s General Hospital, Ryan was briefly seen sitting in his cell staring up at the Crimson magazine cover with Ava on it. He creepily has it pinned up on the wall. He also calls out her name in the clip. It appears that he is really pining for her, which may just be the reason that he has some type of violent episode, as SheKnows Soaps has teased.

On Friday, Detective Chase is beckoned to Pentonville to investigate Ryan’s violence. The spoiler doesn’t indicate what he does or if anyone gets hurt in the process, but it is bad enough to call the PCPD out.

The last visit that Ava paid her ex was earlier this month, as The Inquisitr had detailed. She is still trying to make sense of Kiki’s death and she wants to be free of Ryan once and for all. She also asked him to stop sending all those letters to her. Having no luck getting through to him, Ava is still drinking heavily to try to forget the past year.

Something will set Ryan off where his true self will shine once again. Maybe his anger gets the best of him when he finally realizes that Ava Jerome wants nothing to do with him and has no intention of going as evil as he is.

Halloween is coming up and that means it’s been a year since Ryan, posing as his twin brother Kevin, started his killing spree with nurse Mary Pat. The people of Port Charles might just have those horrible memories conjured up once again. Ava especially might get a bit creeped out as it approaches.

What will set Ryan off on his violent streak at Pentonville? Keep watching General Hospital this week to see what Chase finds out about the incident.