Fitness Model Lauren Simpson Trains Her Booty With Hip Thrusts On Instagram And Fans Are Loving It

Lauren Simpson Instagram

Lauren Simpson, a fitness model with 1.6 million followers on Instagram, has a new series of videos on the social media platform, and it’s all about building the booty.

In the first clip, Lauren is doing some intense-looking single-leg hip thrusts at the leg curl machine while wearing an army green sports bra and leggings combo. In the second, she does regular hip thrusts with her feet elevated on a box. In the third and fourth clips, she switches things up and does some donkey kicks and reverse hyperextensions.

“Here are some glute exercises that will give you a good lil pump!” she writes in the caption. “I prefer higher rep ranges for exercises like this and would do them at the end of a workout.”

Lauren’s fans cheered her on in the comments section.

“Omg those legs gains,” wrote fellow fitness sensation, Avital Cohen, a brunette bombshell from Israel.

“Oh my gosh! Love these ideas!!” another fan wrote. “Thank you! You’re so creative with your workouts! Can’t wait to try these!!”

“Definitely adding this to today’s workout,” a third follower commented.

As The Inquisitr reported, Lauren has previously shown that she’s a fan of doing hip thrusts to train her glutes. She did them in a video series from last month which currently has over 15,000 likes. She isn’t at the leg curl machine in these clips, however, as she opted to add resistance with a dumbbell and an exercise band instead.

Lauren shared more details about her training routine in an interview with Simply Shredded. During the Q&A session, she revealed that she does very little cardio to maintain her fit physique. That might not come as a surprise to her Instagram followers since she mostly focuses on lifting weights in her workout videos.

“My style of training is a cross between powerlifting and bodybuilding,” she said. “Lifting heavy has really helped to stimulate my overall muscle growth, particularly with my lower body.”

When asked specifically about her “glute development,” she said that switching up her lower body exercises has been a key factor in her success.

“I am constantly looking for new exercises to include in my program and I feel that having a variety is the key component to ensure I’m hitting all of my glute muscles,” she said.

The regimen is clearly working out for her as she’s the 2018 WBFF Bikini Champion.

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