Liam Gallagher Barred From Pub For Being Too Drunk

Liam Gallagher, the former lead singer of the British rock band Oasis, was kicked out of a pub last Sunday because he was too drunk.

The Sun has reported that Gallagher wasn’t allowed into The Queens pub, which is located in Crouch End, on Sunday March 10 because he was slurring his words and acting drunk and disorderly in the establishment. Last Sunday was Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom.

A manager for the pub told the paper, “We just said we couldn’t serve him because he was too drunk. He was treated like any normal customer. It doesn’t matter who you are, if we think you are too drunk we will not serve you.”

The pub even took the peculiar stance of releasing the information via their Twitter account, writing, “We’ve had to kick Liam Gallagher out twice today. He asked whether it was because he was a rock star. We said no, just a drunken twit.” These comments were later deleted from the site.

Apparently, Gallagher visited the pub with his former Oasis bandmate, Bonehead, but, as the venue was filled to the brim with families celebrating Mother’s Day, the manager made the decision to not let them in.

The source also revealed that the singer had been refused entry earlier in the week, noting, “He was fine about it and left without a fuss. He’d been refused a drink earlier in the week, I think it was Wednesday evening. He was slurring his words.”

Liam lives in the area with his wife, Nicole Appleton. Lydia Marriott, whose boyfriend works in the pub, tweeted, “It makes me happy that my boyfriend refused to serve Liam, forcing even rock stars to drink responsibly.”

Gallagher recently revealed that he believes that Psy’s, Gangham Style, is an “absolute classic.” What do you think of Liam Gallagher?