WWE News: Ronda Rousey Disses Fellow Superstar


On the latest episode of Total Divas, Ronda Rousey threw some shade at Sonya Deville over her fellow WWE superstar’s mixed-martial arts background — or lack of a background, to be more specific.

As documented by Sportskeeda, the incident stemmed from a conversation between Deville and Carmella. During their chat, Deville revealed that she wants to be in with a storyline with Rousey, as it would make sense based on their respective backgrounds in combat sports.

“The storyline that needs to be had right now, is me and Ronda. My story is ‘b***h, you came and took my spot.’ Her story is ‘b***h, I did it better.'”

The storyline makes sense as Deville’s character has every reason to feel aggrieved towards Rousey. She was the first female MMA star in WWE, so Rousey coming in and overshadowing her could understandably lead to some in-character resentment.

Rousey, meanwhile, didn’t seem too impressed with Deville’s plan, as she doesn’t feel her potential opponent had much of an octagon career to write home about.

“Well, I don’t know if you can really call two amateur fights an MMA background. I’m a professional at conflict, no b***h is getting that s**t for free out of me.”

Deville wasn’t too happy with Rousey’s response, however, and claimed that the UFC Hall of Famer should be elevating rising talent, given that she’s one of the most popular performers in WWE.

“When you’re on the top of the pecking order, which is what Ronda is right now, you bring the lower people up, you don’t put them down.”

During a conversation with Natalya afterwards, Rousey stated that her response to Deville was spoken in-character, suggesting that she was teasing the feud between the two at a later date. Given the reality show nature of Total Divas, though, it’s easy to misinterpret intended character moments as real-life friction between WWE stars.

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Perhaps this is a sign of what’s to come at a later date. As The Inquisitr reported last week, Triple H revealed that Rousey is set to return to the squared circle in the near future and has already been pitching ideas to WWE.

Deville hasn’t been involved in any main event storylines since joining WWE, but a rivalry with Rousey would undoubtedly see her stock rise and help establish her as a top star in the women’s division.

The legitimate fighting background of both superstars also means that a storyline between the pair could write itself.