Demi Rose Lets It All Hang Out In A Gold Chain Bikini

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Demi Rose has put her massive cleavage on display. The British model and social media sensation’s career arguably stems from showcasing her fierce physique in skimpy clothing, although it isn’t all about the bikinis with Demi. The 24-year-old is equally somewhat of a beauty icon amid her 10 million-plus Instagram followers. Some new content that landed on Demi’s stories overnight showcased both the curves and the pretty face.

Demi posted her story in her usual, fuss-free way. The model may go high-brow with professional photography for the permanent photos on her Instagram feed, but the stories tend to see Demi as the photographer.

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I love me enough for the both of us???? @lolo_creativ

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Demi appeared in selfie mode for her story. The star was outdoors and possibly near a beach, although it was hard to tell. If Demi was near shores, she was definitely dressed for them. The model rocked a string bikini held together by gold and bejeweled clasps. These proved quite intricate, with crystal-studded elements, plus elegant chains holding the components together. While the fabrics were a regular shade of black, the gold jewels and chains proved the eye-catching element. Of course, Demi’s sexy cleavage was on show, and her stunning beauty as well.

Fans saw Demi’s breath-taking features as she looked right into the lens with a pensive expression and one hand resting against her cheek.

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Demi’s career seems to be on the up. The star regularly makes newspaper headlines for her sizzling Instagram updates. Photoshoots appear to take the model across the world. Earlier this year, Demi updated her Instagram from luxurious settings in Bali, and the star’s most recent activity came from California.

In addition, Demi’s Instagram following has reached a major milestone. She celebrated reaching 10 million Instagram followers in September with an Instagram post thanking her fans.

“I can’t believe I have reached 10 million supporters! I love you guys. Whether you know my story or you don’t, I appreciate all your love and your kind words. You lift me up and I want to lift you up just as much. Slowly but surely I’m getting stronger and becoming the person I’m meant to be. Time is a healer and I’m being patient with myself. I’d love to help and inspire you all more. All you can do is do your best, at your own pace. Wishing you all lots of blessings and thank you,” the star wrote.

Fans can keep up with Demi’s stunning photos and sexy looks by following her Instagram.