Turkish President Recep Erdogan Threw Donald Trump’s ‘Tough Guy’ Letter In The Garbage, Report Says

Jasper JuinenGetty Images

Donald Trump delivered a reportedly bizarre and threatening letter to Turkish President Recep Erdogan demanding that he cease the military operation in Syria that is targeting America’s Kurdish allies.

Erdogan reportedly delivered the letter straight to the garbage bin.

On Wednesday, reports revealed a letter from the White House to the Turkish president using strong language as it warned him against a military operation that just a week before the White House had appeared to endorse. In the letter, Trump threatened to destroy Turkey’s economy if Erdogan did not comply.

“Don’t be a tough guy. Don’t be a fool!” Trump wrote.

The message apparently did not cow President Erdogan, who threw the letter in the garbage bin, the BBC News reported (via The Daily Beast).

Turkey is now several days into an offensive in northern Syria targeting Kurdish fighters, a group that Turkey considers to be a terrorist group. The Kurdish forces were allies of the United States during the fight against ISIS. Critics on both sides of the aisle have accused Donald Trump of abandoning these key allies after the White House released a statement saying it would withdraw troops from northern Syria. The statement at the time was interpreted as a green light for Turkey to launch a long-awaited military operation, which for years had been understood to be an attack against the Kurdish forces.

Sources close to the White House have said that Erdogan announced his intention to invade Syria and attack Kurds in a phone call with Trump hours before the White House announcement, The Inquisitr reported. A source with knowledge of the phone call told Newsweek that Trump “got rolled” by Erdogan during the call, giving in to his plans to invade and agreeing to remove American troops that would have been in the way. American troops have now beat a retreat so hasty, they were reportedly forced to bomb their own military base because there were not enough resources to protect it from falling into the hands of the Turkish military.

Donald Trump’s threatening letter to Erdogan has been widely panned. Psychiatrist David Reiss wrote on Twitter that the letter “reveals the thought processes of a 3-year old expressed in language of a 9 year old.”

The United States has now sent a delegation to Turkey, led by Vice President Mike Pence, in the hopes of convincing Erdogan to cease military operations, though the Turkish president has publicly vowed that he will not agree to a cease fire.