Buddy Nix Gets Pranked: Bills GM Tricked Into Giving Team Details To Prank Callers

Buddy Nix Gets Pranked: Bills GM Tricked Into Giving Team Details To Prank Callers

Buddy Nix got pranked, and because of it Buffalo Bills fans and the rest of the NFL got an inside scoop about the fate of quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

The Buffalo Bills general manager was tricked last week by two prank callers into giving out private details about the team’s plans, including the team’s growing discontentment with Fitzpatrick.

It happened when a couple of 20-year-olds called the Buffalo Bills front office claiming to be Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager Mark Dominik. Apparently needing no verification, the front office transferred them right into the Nix’s office, but they panicked and hung up.

Buddy Nix was fooled but remained undeterred, however, and called them back multiple times through Thursday night and into Friday morning. It was then that the pair decided to try a play right out of a sitcom. They called the Buccaneers front office claiming to be Nix calling from the Bills. When Nix did call back, they patched him through and listened to the conversation between the two men.

“Dadgum, son,” Nix said to Dominik with a laugh and a voice that resembled Foghorn Leghorn, “I’ve called you back a hundred times!”

Seemingly unfazed by the fact that Dominik never actually called, Buddy Nix proceeded to give out details of the Bills free agent strategy, including his plans for Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Nix said that if Fitzpatrick didn’t restructure his contract, they team would likely part ways. Fitzpatrick would cost the team $10.45 salary cap charge in 2013, which Nix deemed too expensive for someone whose starting job was not guaranteed.

“We’re still struggling here with our quarterback,” Nix said. “We’re not really struggling–he’s going to have to do something, or we’ll have to … We just can’t afford to pay that kind of money for a guy who’s fighting for probably a backup job.”

The information the prank callers got from Buddy Nix turned out to be prophetic. The Bills released Ryan Fitzpatrick on Tuesday.