‘Dragon Ball Heroes’ Episode 17 Spoilers, Predictions: Daishinkan Versus Godslayer Hearts Could Happen Soon

Dash ToriyamaFlickr(CC BY-SA 2.0 Cropped and Resized)

Dragon Ball Heroes Universal Conflict arc is soon expected to reach its climax as Core Area Warriors leader Super Hearts finally completed energy collection for the Universe Seed and finished absorbing all its power. Super Hearts had an incredible transformation in the latest episode of the popular anime. Aside from changes in his physical appearance, Super Hearts also showed tremendous improvement with his battle power, which was proved by how he easily destroyed the immortal Evil Zamasu.

After getting out of the cocoon, Super Hearts had made his presence felt in all the 12 universes and in the location where his main target, Zeno-sama, lives. Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 16 showed Daishinkan/Grand Priest sensing the power Super Hearts is emitting. According to Comic Book, it remains unknown if Daishinkan is starting to feel threatened by Super Hearts, but he is closely monitoring what the Core Area Warriors are doing.

“There’s no indication as to what this means just yet, but Grand Priest undoubtedly knows about how this situation has evolved so far. Hit and Jiren had both been sent by their Supreme Kais to help Goku fight off Hearts, and this is a move that couldn’t be made without higher approval. Not only this, Grand Priest has been directly involved in this conflict previously as he briefly trained Goku how to hone into the Ultra Instinct form. Although this didn’t really help Goku throughout the series as much as one would expect, perhaps now is the time for Grand Priest to involve himself even further?”

It’s worth noting that it’s Daishinkan who trained Son Goku before he first appeared in Dragon Ball Heroes Universal Conflict arc, and there is also a strong possibility that he’s the one who ordered the Universe 6 and Universe 11’s Kaioshins to send Jiren the Gray and Hit to Universe 7. Once Daishinkan sees that Son Goku, Jiren, and Hit are no match for Super Hearts, he could go to Universe 7 to deal with the Core Area Warriors leader himself.

Since he was first introduced in Dragon Ball Super, all fans have been wanting to see Daishinkan in action. Daishinkan may not look strong, but Universe 7’s Angel Whis revealed that he has one of the five highest battle powers in all the universes. Nothing is confirmed, but if Super Hearts really intends to kill Zeno-sama, he will need to fight Daishinkan first.

The fight between Daishinkan and Super Hearts would definitely add more thrill and excitement to the Dragon Ball Heroes Universal Conflict arc. The upcoming episode is expected to reveal Super Hearts’ next move after completing his transformation and destroying Evil Zamasu. Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 17, which is titled “Ultimate Godslayer! Hearts is Born!,” is expected to air in Japan on October 27.