Cosplay Model Liz Katz Flashes Underboob, Rocks Black Wig In Latest Video Game-Inspired Photo

Liz KatzInstagram

After focusing on anime and manga in multiple updates from earlier this month, it appears that cosplay model Liz Katz’s more recent snaps have touched on another one of her passions — video games. One day after taking to Instagram to share a photo of herself in an extremely tiny black swimsuit while seemingly taking inspiration from Fortnite, the 31-year-old model uploaded a new image where she dressed up as a much racier version of Alice Angel, a character from the popular independent title, Bendy and the Ink Machine.

In the new photo, which was shared Wednesday night on her Instagram, Liz was rocking yet another minuscule all-black costume, going completely topless as she used only her white-gloved hands to censor her breasts. This allowed her to show off some serious underboob, while also drawing attention toward her toned midsection. In fact, it appears as if Liz chose to forgo underwear completely in the snap, as some eagle-eyed fans pointed out in the comments section.

Liz kept things succinct in her caption, primarily mentioning Bendy and the Ink Machine and the character she was portraying. She did, however, refer to Alice Angel as “quite a gal,” and as far as many of the model’s 900,000 fans are concerned, they also feel the same way about her. This was evident in the reactions to the new update, which has gotten over 27,000 likes and more than 250 comments in just four hours from the time of posting.

Based on the comments, a good number of followers were pleasantly surprised that the naturally blond Liz was sporting a black wig as part of her costume.

“I had no idea you rock black hair that much! I’m in love,” wrote one follower, adding a tongue-out emoji.

“Ya the goth look is to die for,” remarked a second admirer, this time following up their comment with a ghost emoji.

“Black hair suits you so well,” a third fan suggested.

Meanwhile, a fourth commenter offered an interesting suggestion, hinting that Liz should add a risque touch to one of the most iconic cartoon brunettes of all time.

“Idk, but this makes me think you’d make a hot Betty boop”

Apart from the usual photos where she adds a risque touch to various anime, comic book, and video game characters’ costumes, Liz also uploads photos of herself in more relaxed situations, making sure as always to interact with her growing Instagram fanbase while ramping up the sex appeal. One such snap from last week showed the model tugging on her black tank top — and showing major cleavage — as she invited her fans to share their dream vacation in the comments section. As usual, this post proved to be a hit, earning over 70,000 likes and close to 900 comments from the time it was shared.