Jojo Babie Flaunts Major Underboob In Hot Pink Crop Tank

Jojo BabieInstagram

Jojo Babie has been showing off her booty lately on Instagram, but she took it to another level today as she rocked a crop top. The photo was likely to catch the attention of many of her 9.2 million followers.

In the photo, Jojo was spotted standing next to a gray wall with tall, yellow columns behind her as she wore a hot pink top and tight spandex shorts. The model was wearing a tank top that was so small that she was flashing major underboob. Furthermore, the image was taken from a low vantage point, which emphasized her curves.

Meanwhile, Jojo paired her top with black, high-waisted shorts. She played with her hair with her right hand while placing her left hand on the wall beside her. She also popped her left knee and glanced at the camera, flashing a slight smile on her face.

The photo, which you can see on her Instagram, has been liked over 81,000 times so far. Jojo’s flirty captions also meant plenty of fans stopped by with messages.

“Ok and you’re wearing my favorite outfit,” said a fan.

“Yes it would be a lovely future,” a second admirer remarked.

“Nothing to talk about Babygirl – the future is yours! Just tell me what our future holds and I am there!” exclaimed a follower.

Other people focused on complimenting the model’s good looks.

“Gorgeous Asian goddess Jojo you are beautiful,” said a follower.

“U look amazing as always. U never disappoint,” read another commenter’s praise.

In addition, Babie shared a couple of Instagram stories. One of them announced her newest post, while another update was a video of her wearing a hoodie. The black hoodie featured a stylized drawing of Jojo in a light peach tone. The rectangular graphic depicted the model from her head down to her chest and showed her in a low-cut top. The graphic also incorporated the model’s signature in red.

“Who wants a Jojo Babie hoodie?” asked the caption.

It’s hard to know if she will release the merchandise for her fans, but it’s something people can keep an eye on.

For fans that wish they could get more of Jojo Babie, there’s another option for keeping up with her. She has an Only Fans page, which is a paid subscription to exclusive content. It costs $24.99 a month, and she already has over 90 posts there.

On the other hand, you can check her Instagram for more updates in the coming days.