Nancy Pelosi Reportedly Told Donald Trump ‘All Roads With You Lead To Putin,’ Setting Off A ‘Meltdown’

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A photo showing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on her feet admonishing an angry Donald Trump went viral on Wednesday after the lawmaker and other top congressional Democrats walked out of a meeting at the White House where the president experienced what Pelosi later described as a “serious meltdown,” according to a Roll Call report. Pelosi also asked Americans to pray for Trump’s health after what Democrats in attendance described as the president’s “nasty diatribe” toward the speaker during the meeting.

The meeting was called to discuss Trump’s policy in Syria, where Turkey is currently waging an all-out assault on the Kurdish population who had settled near the Turkish border in the northeast region of the country. But the meeting quickly disintegrated into a harangue by Trump directed at Pelosi, after the speaker scolded the president for his policies, which appear to benefit Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to an Associated Press report.

“All roads with you lead to Putin,” Pelosi told Trump, triggering his “meltdown.”

Trump reportedly responded by telling Pelosi and the other Democrats that he hated ISIS “more than you do.” He also asserted, without evidence, that ISIS — a militant Islamic extremist group — contained “communists,” attempting to taunt the Democrats by telling them, “you guys might like that.”

Trump earlier on Wednesday shrugged off the Turkish attack on the Kurds, which has, so far, resulted in hundreds of Kurdish deaths and about 130,000 Kurdish people forced to flee their homes, as The Inquisitr reported. The president said that the Kurds were “not angels” and that though they fought against ISIS, “we paid a lot of money” to them.

Pelosi later explained her “concerns” over what she described as Trump’s Putin-friendly policies, according to an AlterNet report.

“Russia has, for a long time, wanted to have a foothold in the Middle East,” Pelosi said, adding that Trump’s Syria policy has “enabled” Russia to achieve its objective in Syria.

“Whether it’s placing in doubt any military assistance to Ukraine, which is to the benefit of Putin, whether it’s placing in doubt our commitment to NATO, Article V, which again, all roads lead to Putin,” she continued.

Donald Trump takes a soccer ball from Vladimir Putin.
Donald Trump (l) has seemingly pursued an overly friendly policy toward Vladimir Putin (r).Featured image credit: Chris McGrathGetty Images

In his “diatribe,” Trump insulted Pelosi as a “third rate politician,” though she later said that he misspoke and called her a “third grade politician.” In turn, Pelosi reportedly told Trump that she wishes he “were a politician.”

Maryland Representative Steny Hoyer, the second-ranking Democrat in the House who was also in attendance, ended the confrontation.

“This is not useful,” he said, at which time Hoyer and Pelosi exited the meeting.

Trump continued to taunt them, saying, “See you at the polls!” according to the Associated Press report.