Cindy Prado Flaunts Cleavage And Curves In Skintight Leather Dress On Instagram

Cindy Prado Instagram

Cindy Prado might have a thing for leather.

In her newest Instagram post, the blond bombshell is rocking a super-tight black strapless mini dress in leather that flaunts her curves. She paired the look with a matching cross-body purse and shin-high sock boots.

Cindy revealed that the outfit was from a company called Reve Boutique. She did not disclose the name of the design, but a quick search of their website reveals that it’s actually a faux leather dress that retails for $209.

As The Inquisitr reported, this is the second time that the model has worn a leather item in as many days. In her previous post, she made jaws drop when she sported a pair of black leather pants and what appeared to be a denim corset top with white stitching. According to her caption, the pants are from Fashion Nova, and it looks like she has on their “Take The Highway” faux leather pants that cost $24.99, per their website.

In the comments section of her most recent post, fans raved over Cindy’s leather dress.

Some of the comments were more gushing than others.

“Oh baby, you are goddess of flawlessness, hotness and gorgeousness baby doll,” one fan wrote. “You are an absolute stunner n sizzling hottie hon.”

Others were a bit more succinct with their compliments.

“You have a gorgeous body,” another fan added

“Gorgeous girl,” a third commented

“Wow, looking bomb,” a fourth wrote.

Unfortunately for the besotted guys in the comments tripping over themselves to compliment her, Cindy has previously said that’s actually the worst way to try to get her to notice you.

“Don’t pay attention to me and you’ll grab my attention,” the Miami-born model said in an interview with Elite Daily. “If there is a room full of guys hitting on me, I will always be attracted to the one sitting in the corner paying me no mind.”

And although she gets a lot of questionable comments from her infatuated fans, they don’t compare to what she said was the worst pickup line she’d ever received.

“I went to eat with my best friend and a guy sits next to me and shows me a picture on his phone of a little girl and tells me ‘This is my baby girl, and her mom just left me. I would really like to get to know you,'” she said.

Cindy hinted that she was in a relationship at the time. However, the interview was conducted in 2012. Although Instagram is not always the best indicator of relationship status, a significant other hasn’t popped up in Cindy’s photos on the platform within the past year.

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