‘World’s Sexiest Nurse’ Lauren Drain Flaunts Bikini Body In Stunning Before & During Pregnancy Snaps

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“World’s Sexiest Nurse” Lauren Drain shared a photo of her “favorite transformation to date,” as she compared herself in a bikini before pregnancy and while six months pregnant with her daughter.

In the photos, Lauren is seen wearing the same dark green bikini — an ensemble that The Inquisitr reported on earlier this week — and black heels as she showcases her ample cleavage, toned arms, curvy booty, and long lean legs.

However, the biggest difference is the baby bump. In the second photo, Lauren’s rock-hard abs are masked by a baby bulge, while the social media sensation reveals that she’s already gained about 20 pounds during the pregnancy.

Lauren also wore similar hair and makeup looks in the shots, with her long, blond hair parted to the side and styled in loose curls that fell behind her back and over her shoulder, and defined eyebrows and thick lashes. She also sported pink blush and a bronzed glow in both of the gorgeous snaps.

Of course, Lauren’s over 3.9 million followers loved the photos as she’s been showing off her baby bump for months now. The photo clocked in over 8,500 likes and nearly 200 comments in just the first 20 minutes after it was posted.

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My favorite transformation to date ???? 145 lbs versus 165 lbs at six months pregnant???????? I gained 16 lbs in the first trimester. I was super sick with all day nausea that hit me like a ton of bricks???? During this time I had bad food aversions to any lean protein like chicken/fish & veggies/greens would make me want to vomit???? I was too tired & sick to workout, & I felt like I was losing myself both physically & mentally. I struggled with extreme mood swings, brief depression & isolation. Finally around week 17 I started to get my energy back & my normal appetite for healthy foods, although my cravings were still high for sweets???? I decided I needed to make a plan to be able to workout at even 20-30% of my normal capacity to start moving my body for my endorphins & for baby’s health. I planned a trip to hike everyday for 22 days 10,000-20,000 steps a day, which immediately increased my mood, my energy and leveled out my weight gain. I decided to regress my weight training to lighter weights & reduce the single legged movements to protect against symphysis pubis pain ( aka “lightning crotch” - extremely painful), & I stopped all ab focused workouts to prevent diastusis recti and excess round ligament pain. With all the pain, sickness, fatigue and self doubt, I could’ve given up. I could’ve thrown in the towel and said, “I’m pregnant, I don’t need to try and workout.” I could’ve said, “oh well, I’ll keep eating junk food and give into every craving.” I could’ve drowned myself in self pity or excuses but I knew that wouldn’t be healthy for me or my baby???????? I was more than happy to listen to my body, regress my training intensity & take time off when my body was tired or sore, which I still do. To all the haters & trolls who don’t understand why I post pregnancy bikini pics, it’s not for you!????????‍♀️ It’s for every woman who has or will struggle with body image & extreme symptoms during her pregnancy & to know she’s not alone????????‍♀️ She is strong, beautiful, sexy & loved. Not everyone will regain their strength or energy during pregnancy but you are just as beautiful because you are sacrificing your body, time, & energy to grow a little miracle inside.????????????

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“Still super sexy,” one of Lauren’s social media followers wrote in the comment section of the photo.

“The human body is literally so amazing. You’re doing great,” another fan stated.

“This is amazing,” a third comment read.

“You looking stunning in both photos,” another fan remarked.

Fans will also get to see a pregnant Lauren on the cover of a new magazine.

“So proud to represent strong fit women especially while 6 months pregnant! What an honor!” Lauren said in the caption of a recent Instagram post after being named as an Iron Woman Magazine‘s cover model.

However, it hasn’t all been easy for Lauren during her pregnancy. The model revealed that during her first pregnant photo shoot, she felt a bit off.

“I couldn’t quite figure out how to pose pregnant for the camera without the typical hold my belly pose. I also had it in my head that the 20 lbs I had gained along with the new cellulite was probably super obvious & was feeling vulnerable & struggled to exude my normal confidence,” she told her Instagram followers in a separate post.

Meanwhile, fans can keep up with the “World’s Sexiest Nurse” Lauren Drain and her pregnancy by following the fitness guru on her social media account, which she updates on the regular.