Percy Harvin Contract Details Revealed

Percy Harvin signed a 6 year, $67 million contract with the Seahawks

The details of Percy Harvin’s contract with the Seahawks have been released. The man who wanted to be paid like Calvin Johnson might not have gotten his wish, but he’s still one of the highest paid wide receivers in the NFL.

How much is Percy Harvin’s contract worth? Where Calvin Johnson’s deal was for eight years and $132 million, Harvin’s is for six years, $67 million, and $25 million guaranteed. In comparison, Mike Wallace just signed a five year, $60 million deal with the Dolphins, and Dwayne Bowe re-upped with the Chiefs for five years and $56 million.

Percy Harvin may not be making Calvin Johnson money, but he is still being paid like an elite wide receiver in the NFL. Calvin Johnson just happens to be in a class all his own, although Larry Fitzgerald’s $121 million gets him pretty close.

To formally introduce Percy Harvin to the Seahawk faithful, he was introduced at a press conference Ttuesday. He was all smiles and seemed genuinely excited to be catching passes from rookie wunderkind Russell Wilson.

One of the reasons Harvin was traded by Minnesota — He did not like QB Christian Ponder, even though Ponder was force-feeding him the ball. After nine games in 2012, Percy Harvin was on pace for well over 1,000 receiving yards. It would have been his first 1,000 yard season in the NFL. Unfortunately, an ankle injury prematurely ended his season.

In his press conference, Percy Harvin’s excitement about his contract could not be contained. He told reporters, “I haven’t slept in three days just anticipating this opportunity.”

Percy Harvin may have taken a subtle jab at Christian Ponders as well when talking about new QB Russell Wilson, “I admire people who work hard, that like to work. How could you not be a fan of him?”

Do you think Percy Harvin’s contract is what he deserved? Will he be the player that takes the Seahawks to the next level?