Pamela Alexandra Admits She’s Too Serious In Photos, Fixes It With Bikini-Clad Game Of ‘The Sand Is Lava’

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Pamela Alexandra knows that she can come off as too serious in her pictures, and the Instagram model is apparently working on it.

In an Instagram picture shared on Wednesday, the full-figured beauty leaned back on the beach as she played a game of “the sand is lava.”

Pamela had a strained expression as she tried to keep her body from falling to the sand, though apparently sacrificed both hands and feet to the sand lava.

Fans seemed to find the humor of her post and joked right along with her.

“Hands and feet gone now,” one person wrote of her apparent failure to protect her extremities from the lava.

“The sand is a toxic relationship lol,” another wrote.

The “sand is lava” picture was a huge hit with fans, garnering thousands of likes and compliments in just a few minutes after being posted. It seemed to respond to Pamela’s self-criticism about her expressions in Instagram photos. As The Inquisitr noted, Pamela recently posted a comment saying she needed to start sharing more videos because she looked “way too serious” in her photos.

As Pamela’s Instagram feed shows, the bombshell model frequently shows off her body in skimpy swimwear and skin-tight outfits but has a very serious approach, usually only cracking a slight smile and more frequently adopting the steely gaze of a runway model.

Her videos do come off as more playful, including a recent one in which she showed off the difference between her normal slouching posture and the uncomfortable-looking posture she takes to pop her body out for Instagram photos. Pamela is apparently now trying to have that fun spirit come through in more of her photos as well.

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The sand is lava????????????

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Whatever the method might be, it seems to have worked very well for Pamela as she has become one of the most popular models on a platform filled with scantily clad women vying for attention. In doing so, she has carved out what appears to be a successful and likely very lucrative niche. Pamela frequently posts sponsored photos for fashion and swimwear companies, with a special emphasis on lines geared toward curvier women.

Social media experts say that Instagram models generally make $1,000 for every 100,000 followers they have, giving Pamela the chance to make more than $20,000 for every post — and the potential to go even higher given that she can reach such a specialty niche.

Those who wish to see more of Pamela can follow her Instagram account.