WWE News: Seth Rollins Defends The Ending Of ‘Hell In A Cell’


Seth Rollins has caught flack from some wrestling fans in the past year, and his latest tweet defending the ending of WWE‘s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view has already upset many of his followers. The highly anticipated match between Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt came to a disappointing ending that left fans upset with the outcome of the event.

The crowd was certainly engaged throughout the bout as both superstars put on a show. After the referee stopped the match due to Rollins’ use of a sledgehammer, fans became very hostile as they were left confused by the booking decision. Since then, WWE has earned plenty of criticism for not booking a clear winner in the main event.

While Wyatt has tweeted subtle shots at the finish of the Hell in a Cell match, it appears that Rollins has a different perspective. Per Wrestling Inc, Rollins clarified on Twitter that the match had ended due to referee stoppage since Wyatt couldn’t move his body anymore. He was responding to a comment regarding the rematch taking place at Crown Jewel, in which someone suggested that it may end in disqualification once again.

WWE has attempted to move on from the controversial conclusion of Hell in a Cell‘s titular main event, but fans remain skeptical about what transpired, as evident by the tweets directed towards Rollins.

Rollins went on to mention if the referee had stopped the match between The Undertaker and Mick Foley in 1998, then it’s likely that the latter would have had a longer in-ring career. Fans haven’t been thrilled with Rollins’ defense of the abrupt finish for Hell in a Cell, as the reigning WWE Universal Champion has received hundreds of replies on Twitter.

Rollins isn’t the only one who isn’t fazed by the negative reception. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, it’s rumored that WWE chairman Vince McMahon laughed at the negative reaction while watching from backstage. McMahon is no stranger to controversy as fans have questioned many of his creative decisions in recent years. But it’s business as usual for WWE as they have already moved on to a new angle with Wyatt and Rollins.

With a rematch scheduled at Crown Jewel, all eyes will be on the WWE to deliver a superior finish that doesn’t lead to “AEW” chants from the crowd. Based on how the company has handled the backlash in recent weeks, it’s unlikely that McMahon would book another bizarre ending to a big match.