Arctic Monkeys Confirm 2013 Album Release

Arctic Monkeys’ drummer Matt Helders has released a strong hint that the English band are set to release a new studio album by the end of 2013.

The band’s last album, 2011’s Suck It And See, was well-received by both fans and critics, and featured Queens Of The Stone Ages’ Josh Homme as the producer. Helders told the NME magazine that there was a relaxed atmosphere between the band as they recorded in America.

Helders stated, “I have been in the desert … with motorcycles. Not with Josh [Homme], no. The band’s just been working together, the band working on our own so far, writing and stuff.”

He then also added, “There’s no time deadlines or anything like that for release. We’re just getting back into it, because it always takes a while to get back into it.”

Helders was then asked what the album will sound like, to which he replied, “2013.” He was then asked whether this meant the record will be out at the end of the year, to which he stated, “Well, we’d be stupid if we made a 2013 album and released it next year.”

The drummer remarked that they’re “definitely happy” with the work they have done so far. Arctic Monkeys are set to play shows in the United States and Europe throughout the summer and are most likely to showcase these songs at these concerts.

Discussing their method, Helders added, “We had a bit of a break. It’s always weird when you first get back into it to know what kind of songs we write any more.”

Previously, the band’s lead singer and lyricist, Alex Turner, stated that any new material would be heavier and louder than their old albums. Their 2012 single, “R U Mine?” was inspired by this sound.

Do you like Arctic Monkeys? Are you excited for their new album?