Angela Simmons Nearly Bursts Out Her Sports Bra In Photo-Heavy Instagram Update

Dave KotinskyGetty Images

Angela Simmons has been channeling her sporty vibe. The Growing Up Hip Hop star is known to be a workout queen over on her Instagram, with videos showing the star putting herself through her paces posting fairly frequently. Angela took to her Instagram stories earlier today for a photo-heavy update – the star offered four photos of herself post-workout. Angela later showed her insane curves in a tight outfit.

The snap appeared to show Angela having fun with the collage feature. The star’s photos appeared to be the same ones, although different filters had been added to jazz things up. Angela was seen in selfie mode and photographed from the waist up, with fans seeing the star rocking a tight and navy blue sports bra from well-known brand Puma. The cleavage display was pretty full-on, with Angela seeming out to showcase both her feminine curves, her fitness, and some goofy facial expressions: the 32-year-old was seen pulling a fun face with her tongue out.

The star appeared fresh-faced and makeup-free, with her hair worn in braids with a center parting. Some text accompanied the image.

“After workout vibes be like…I go ghost for no reason, Stupid boy think that I needed him Stupid”

The post also showed that Angela was listening to music.

Fitness updates do seem to be a bit of a thing in the celebrity world. Over in reality television, it’s seen from the likes of Khloe Kardashian and Gabrielle Union. Over in the acting world, workout updates are regular from the likes of actress Kate Beckinsale and Modern Family star Ariel Winter. It looks like Angela has joined the crew.

Fitness is something that Angela has mentioned in interviews. While the star’s feature with Hello Beautiful dates back to 2011, it looks like her mindset hasn’t changed since the interview eight years ago.

“I stay in pretty fitted clothes because anything overly baggy makes me look bigger. But being comfortable with my body came with taking care of myself, age, and working out. When I can’t work out, it drives me crazy,” Angela told the media outlet.

Angela’s social media seems to showcase various aspects of her life. The star’s motherhood is documented fairly regularly, although many posts also come with a promotional agenda as she works hard to spread the word about her hair extensions line.

Angela recently made The Inquisitr‘s headlines for an impressive squats workout. The star has 6.2 million followers on Instagram. Fans wishing to see more of Angela should give her account a follow.